Florida Resident Saves His Puppy from an Alligator's Jaws — See the Video

Busayo Ogunjimi
Nov 30, 2020
02:20 A.M.
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Dogs are known to be man's best friend, and this is displayed after a puppy, Gunner, escaped the jaws of death when his Florida-based owner, Wilbanks Richard, saved him from an alligator. 


A Youtube video showed an aged man named Richard Wilbanks as he dived into a dangerous situation in a bid to save his little puppy, Gunner, who was held by the teeth of a baby alligator, underwater.

Amid the commentator's explanation of the incident, Wilbanks explained that his three-month-old spaniel's cries came out like a missile from his backyard pond at his Lee County home.

Photo of a beautiful dog | Photo: Pexels


The 74-year-old, who was enjoying the sun's brightness, charged into the pond and struggled with the alligator to save the little puppy from its jaws.

Despite being trapped in the alligator's jaws underwater, the dog survived and seemed to be doing well, but the avid hunter sustained a puncture wound. He explained:

"My hands were just chewed up..."


Regardless of this heroic display, it was a total wonder how the video got recorded. It was discovered that there is a collaboration between the Florida Wildlife Foundation and the F-stop Foundation to monitor apartments that have wildlife.

The policy director of the Florida Wildfire Foundation explained that it was surprising as they typically recorded harmless videos of deers and bobcats, amongst others.

Although no cause of death was given for the royal dog's death, Lupo left an outstanding mark at Kensington Palace for all to remember.


But the video, which was discovered after the collection of the memory card from Wilbanks' land camera, is the complete opposite and was used for a campaign called "Sharing the Landscape."

The campaign's goal is to help people tolerate the wildlife they live near, and through that, they can solve the conflicts that arise between humans and nature. The director further explained:

"[...] We don't just want to tolerate wildlife but rather we want to thrive with wildlife on a shared landscape.." 


After the terrifying experience, the alligator was removed from the 74-year-old's backyard but the cute puppy, Gunner, does well not to approach the river as his owner had him on a leash.

The beautiful relationship between man and animal was also displayed by the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their beloved dog, Lupo, who recently passed away.


On November 22, the Prince and the Duchess of Cambridge shared on Instagram that the beloved dog had been a part of the family for nine years before his death.

After being given as a gift to Kate by her brother, James, the English black spaniel was adored by all and made special appearances in books like "The Adventures of Lupo, The Royal Dog" amongst others.

Although no cause of death was given for the royal dog's death, Lupo left an outstanding mark at Kensington Palace for all to remember.