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Daily Joke: 55-Year-Old Lady Suddenly Started Learning to Swim

Gracious Egedegbe
Nov 26, 2020
05:30 A.M.
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A 55-year-old woman changed her usual daily routine of going to the temple and suddenly started learning how to swim, much to the surprise of everyone around her.


In a surprising turn of events, a concerned mother decided to switch up her customary routine of going to the temple and took up swimming lessons instead.

Everyone around her was curious about the sudden change of lifestyle, and then they proceeded to ask the woman for a much-needed explanation. As they did, she had on a rather helpless facial expression.

Portrait of a female synchronized swimmer sitting on edge of pool. | Photo: Getty Images


She explained that whenever her son and his wife quarreled with each other, her daughter-in-law always asked him who he would save first if she or his mom happened to fall inside water.

The woman added that she did not want to put her son in quite a difficult situation; that was why she took it upon herself to learn how to swim.


A few days later, the husband and wife were quarreling, and once again, the daughter-in-law persisted and asked who he would save first between her or his mother.

At his wit's end, the husband answered back that she would definitely die


Tactically, the husband replied that he did not need to get into the water. He explained that since his mother already knew how to swim, she would be the one doing the saving.

However, his angry wife remained adamant. She continued to press on, demanding a proper answer from her evidently tired husband.


She told him that he needed to jump into the water and save one of them. She once again went on to ask him who he would save between the two women.

At his wit's end, the husband answered back that she would definitely die because he actually did not know how to swim, and his mother was surely going to save him first.

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