Daily Joke: A Woman Was on a Cruise

Rebelander Basilan
Sep 07, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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Today's world may be more gender-equal than ever. This means women are now more able to do things often done only by men – including saying pick-up lines.


This hilarious story involves a woman enjoying a cruise. She was a retired lady who wanted to have some fun.

While hanging out on the deck, a handsome, respectable-looking gentleman caught her eye. She knew what to do.

A woman sporting red hat and sunglasses. | Photo: Pexels


She looked for a member of the crew. When she saw one, she approached him and said: "See that gentleman, would you please seat him next to me for dinner this evening."

The crew member was quite surprised and did not know how to respond to the woman's request. He told her he will see what he can do.

The crew member obliged, to the retired woman's delight. That evening, the gentleman came and sat down beside her at the dinner table.

A cruise ship on the sea. | Photo: Pexels


He was quite uneasy yet intrigued. He asked the woman why she wanted him to sit next to her for dinner.

The woman said she was glad he asked her that question. "It's because you remind me of my third husband," she answered.

The gentleman was surprised. He did not expect her answer. He probed: "Really, may I ask how many times you've been married?" With a wink, the woman replied, "Twice."

A man leaning on the white wall. | Photo: Pexels


What a smooth lady! If this joke made you smile or burst into laughter, this next joke maybe even more hilarious.

Six newly retired friends decided to celebrate their retirement by doing what they always loved doing. They would play poker together.

They gathered in one of their homes one night. They bought pizza and light drinks to put them in a game mood.

Photo of men playing poker | Photo: Pexels


During the first round, one of the men named Mike decided to put $500 on a single hand. When he lost, the retiree suffered a heart attack and died on the spot.

Although shaken, the four friends decided to finish the game in honor of their deadly game. When they finished, they went into a discussion on how to break the tragic news to Mike's wife.

Photo of old men hanging out | Photo: Pixabay

They voted Paul to deliver the news. He drove to Mike's house, and when the wife opened the door, he told her Mike was afraid to come home because he lost $500 in a poker game.

Angry, the wife said: "Tell him to drop dead!" If you need another laugh, check out this joke about an old man who owns a shop next to an upscale restaurant.