Daily Joke: Six Retired Men Are Playing Poker Together

Lois Oladejo
Aug 28, 2020
09:30 A.M.
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This joke is about six newly retired group of friends who decided to celebrate their retirement by playing poker together. Unfortunately, one of them died.


Having worked for several years in their respective professions, six friends thought that it was time to stop working. Within a year, they all submitted their retirement letters.

Now they would focus on enjoying their pensions, spending quality time with their beautiful family, and going on vacations to different cities of the world with their loved ones.

Photo of poker board | Photo: Pixabay


To celebrate the news, the buddies gathered to play poker in one of their homes one night. They opted for pizza and a light drink to tag along with the game mood.

As the game began, one of the men named Mike decided to put $500 on a single hand, which he lost. Sadly, the retiree suffered a heart attack that claimed his life on the spot.

Photo of men playing poker | Photo: Pexels


The rest five friends decided to honor their dead pal by standing up to finish the game. At the end of the game, one of the men commented on how they should break the tragic news to Mike's wife.

After much deliberations, they voted Paul as the speaker. They asked him to pay a visit to Mike's wife, and tell about her husband in a mature, gentle, and discreet manner.

Photo of old men hanging out | Photo: Pixabay


Paul confidently boasted about his ability to be discreet and yanked his car keys from the table. Within an hour, he was in front of Mike's house.

The deceased's wife opened the door and greeted her husband's buddy with a smile. Paul quickly blurted: "Your husband just lost $500 in a poker game and is afraid to come home."

Photo of men playing poker | Photo: Pixabay

The woman's smile changed to an angry frown, and she screamed: "Tell him to drop dead," before slamming the door. Paul shrugged and replied: "I'll go tell him."

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Source: Startsat60