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Woman Doesn't Defend Her Husband When He Was Kicked Out of the Clinic

Pedro Marrero
Dec 09, 2020
10:30 P.M.
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This mother had more important things to worry about to have to deal with her husband's embarrassing behavior, and she wasn’t willing to speak on his defense when they called security to remove him from the premises.


A married woman with a marital issue recently sought the advice of the community of Reddit users of which she is a part, and she took to the AITA thread in the social website to let the users know about her case and hopefully help her.

The 35-year-old unidentified woman started by sharing that she has been married to her husband, who’s two years older than her, and the two are parents to a 5-year-old son.

A waiting room at a doctor's office. I Image: Pixabay.


The story becomes interesting when the couple’s son woke up with a persistent upset stomach, making the parents decide to make a stop at the doctor’s office before the father went to work.

What the man didn’t contemplate was that there were going to be several patients in line to see the doctor ahead of his son, and after ten minutes of waiting seated in a waiting room, the husband couldn’t hide the signs of his impatience.

Apart from starting to huff and puff from the very beginning and compulsively looking at his watch, he loudly complained about the speed of the consultations and was even rude at the nurse for calling someone else’s name.


As this wasn’t embarrassing enough for the woman, the man started to ask to be allowed to go first as an exception, since he considered his work as an architect more important than anyone else’s in the room.


This was more than the worried mother could deal with at the time, and she tried to end the tense situation by asking her husband to calm down and to stay quiet at his seat or to leave, but he refused to do one thing or the other.

Instead, he increased his hostilities against the nurse after she was absent for a few minutes, which made him accuse her of having been chatting with her co-workers and ignoring his demands.


Citing the importance of his work once again, the man threatened the nurse with leaving if they didn’t examine his son in the next ten minutes, which enraged the nurse so much that she called for the hospital’s security.

After a short argument with the security officer, the irrational parent was asked to leave the premises, and even though he expected his wife to defend him, all she did was to agree that he had to leave.

He had no alternative but to leave without his wife and son, and the woman stayed in line to have the doctor see the child when it was the right time. The woman ended up calling her sister to pick them up at the hospital.


Unsurprisingly, the woman arrived at her home to find her husband to continue to be very upset at her. He said that the episode at the doctor’s office that morning was so humiliating to him that he didn’t go to work at all.


Upon his insistence that she should have defended him even though she didn’t agree with his behavior or having left alongside him after the incident, the woman went as far as asking him to never come with her to any further doctor visits.

Clearly not seeing his fault in the entire episode, the husband keeps asking the woman for an apology, but she is not willing to do so, since he is the one that acted badly in front of strangers, children, and his own son.


As you would have imagined, most people in the AITA thread sympathized with the woman in this story, and they heavily criticized the husband for his unacceptable behavior and manners.

“Your husband sounds like he has some serious patience/anger issues and clearly doesn't seem to realize what a dreadful example he was setting to your (& other) child(ren),” wrote one of the commentators.

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