Woman Lets Brother Live with Her but Not Her Stepsister

A concerned woman who allowed her brother to move in but refused her step-sister the same favor wants to know if she is wrong for her decision. Her mother is also angry at her.

The woman in concern took to Reddit to tell her story. She explained that at 23, she lived alone for a while until her 18-year-old brother decided to move in with her in July for his college program.

According to her, her brother and step-sister graduated from high school at the same time. They both asked to move in with her, but she only said yes to her brother.  As a result, her mother was angry at her, and so was her husband.

A woman worried with her hands on her head. | Photo: Pixabay

A woman worried with her hands on her head. | Photo: Pixabay

They couldn’t understand why she said no and told the poster it was unfair that she prioritized her relationship with her brother while neglecting her step-sister. The poster asked her mother why she was surprised about her decision.

To make things worse, her youngest brother was already making plans to move in.

Given that she was well aware that her rapport with her step-sister isn’t smooth, the poster didn't expect such reaction. She noted that she doesn’t consider her step-siblings as her siblings, let alone family, and her mother knows this.

However, she believes her mother’s anger was aggravated because her brother let it slip that she and he had been discussing his move since the summer before his graduation. 

The poster’s mother is also upset with her brothers. She told him that instead of discussing with the poster, he could have gotten an apartment of his own and shared it with his step-sister.

That way, she and her husband helped them with their bills, and the step-sister wouldn’t have to feel alone and neglected. However, the brother disagreed, saying he preferred to live with his sister.

To make things worse, her youngest brother was already making plans to move in when he graduates and told the mother about it. Now, she is livid. She has since been trying to convince him to back out from moving in with the poster.

Amid the drama, the poster noted that her mother is extremely upset with her and has been calling her names. She responded, letting her mom know that she has the right to choose who she wants to live with and who she doesn’t like in her home.

The poster wants to genuinely know if she is wrong for her decision? What do you think? Is she unfair? If you enjoyed this story, click here to read about a teenager that blocked her father and his family from coming to her graduation.

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