December 13, 2020

Teen Blocks Her Father and His Family from Coming to Her Graduation

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A teen decided to block her father and his family from coming to her graduation. In her post on a forum, she explained her reason why she did that.

Writing to Reddit, the 18-year-old explained that her parents are divorced because his father was having an affair with another woman four years ago.

The affair, the teen explained, was very devastating for several people in their family since the woman and her aunt had a history of issues. She added that her mother was clueless to the truth.

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"She was so blindsided by it that it was one week before they were due to go on their delayed honeymoon," she wrote. "He only told everyone the truth because she was pregnant."

The teen shared that her father then tried to get back with her mother and even used her to try. He told her to tell her mother she wanted them back together.

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But the teen said she refused to do it, and their relationship fractured even more. "He stayed with the other woman and married her," she wrote. "So my aunt stopped talking to him and so did my grandpa."

According to the teen, her father became enraged that she did it.

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Back in March, the teen said that she also stopped talking to her father. According to her, she used the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic as the main reason.

Then he could not do anything once she became an adult legally, she said. The teen shared that her father made it clear he wanted to go to her graduation.

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So, she said that she went to her school and asked that they not send him any info about the graduation and not give tickets if he asked. Basically, her father is blacklisted, she said.

According to the teen, he became enraged that she did it. He began harassing her mother until she decided to change her number. Her father also told her it was a childish move to stop them.

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The teen said she told him that he and his family are nothing to her and that she wants him to leave her alone. She added that almost everyone thinks she did the right thing.

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