Woman Reprimands Husband in Front of His Entire Family

Pedro Marrero
Dec 22, 2020
10:15 A.M.

A woman with a dilemma recently took to the popular AITA thread on the social media Reddit, and as per usual, she asked the many commenters of the online forum for their opinion on it.


She started by sharing that her husband wasn’t speaking to her at the time and she was desperately in need of a different perspective from her own and his on the matrimonial conflict.

The woman in question and her husband attended what she described as a “COVID-safe” dinner with the man’s mother and his uncles, explaining that in the country where they live, up to six people are allowed to gather.

A table set for dinner | Image: Pixabay.

A table set for dinner | Image: Pixabay.

According to the woman, her husband has the bad habit of shaming his mother for her behavior in front of their relatives, signaling out everything that she says or does and picturing as “stupid” or “wrong” and trying to unite with others against her.

The woman went on to share that her husband’s mother never did anything but smile through it every time the son made her the center of his attacks and mockery.


The man’s wife added that she never cared too much about her husband’s hostile ways toward his mother, and she only wondered what made her husband assume that attitude around the woman who gave him his life.

However, one day, her husband took it against his mother once again, telling on her with his uncles about a supposedly “wrong” interaction his mother had with a stranger.

At this point, it is important to clarify that the woman in this story speaks a different language than her husband’s family, even though she says to understand most of it, and, from what she gathers, she doesn’t think that his family cares about him.

So, earlier that day, the family was having dinner and the woman’s husband’s mother was more excited than expected, and she couldn’t stop talking about what was on the table and encouraging others to try the food.


As the woman shared, this wasn’t something that particularly worried her, since she was used to her own mother acting the same way. Nevertheless, her husband was more sensitive to it, and harshly asked her to stop.

This time, the woman for the first time felt really bad about her mother-in-law, which means that she was also embarrassed by her husband’s behavior, which prompted her to ask him to quit it.

As she recalled, the woman then took her husband apart to tell him, in a language that his family wasn’t going to understand, that she really considered his attitude with his other too rude.


But even when she tried to be kind when telling her husband that she didn’t like his behavior when around his mother and family, her husband didn’t take it the right way and instead accused her of being rude to him.

Instead of understanding that his wife’s advice came from the best of intentions, the husband got very upset with her and confronted her about reprimanding him in front of his family.

About the way he treats his mother, he defended himself by arguing that it was just the way he expresses himself and insisted on how stressful his mother’s behavior was to him.

Trying to make things better between the two, the wife said that she couldn’t help but to feel bad about her mother-in-law, and she insisted that her husband’s mother only tried to be nice.


But instead of making it better, this insistence only made it worst, and by the time the wife took to Reddit for advice on the issue, he was no longer speaking to her, and now she worries about having acted wrongly herself for calling him out.

Fortunately, even after the community considered by a majority that the woman in the story had not acted in a bad way toward her husband by defending her mother-in-law, she returned to Reddit with a positive update.

She said to have approached him once again when he was in a better mood and to turn the tables on him (as one user advised her), by calmly letting him know that as much as his mother stressed him, he stressed her (the wife) as well.


Surprisingly, this time the husband seemed to understand and he not only admitted to be wrong but also finally apologized to his mother and made amends with her, acknowledging that it was his insecurities that made him act that way.

If this #storyoftheday was of interest to you and you want to read other real-life dilemmas shared by ordinary Internet users to whom we can all relate, click here to read about a grandmother criticized for charging to take care of her grandchildren.

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