Grandmother Slammed after Asking for Payment from Daughter for Babysitting Her Grandchild

Pedro Marrero
Dec 10, 2020
08:30 A.M.

A grandmother has prompted mixed reactions online after sharing her disagreement with her daughter, who refuses to pay her $15 an hour to quit her job and babysit her grandson.


A grandmother who asked her daughter to pay her by the hour to babysit her one-year-old grandson has become the center of a public discussion online since she made her case known on social media.

The case was originally shared by the grandmother in question, whose story at the popular Reddit group AITA, shared late in November, soon became viral, proving to be a divisive issue.

A grandmother and her grandson playing in a park in a sunny day | Image: Pixabay.

A grandmother and her grandson playing in a park in a sunny day | Image: Pixabay.

According to the grandmother, whose case was featured in Daily Mail recently, her daughter was asking her to take care of her child for two or three days every week, something that would require her to leave her job.

In order to help her daughter while at the same time earning a salary that compensated her for quitting her job, the grandmother asked her daughter to pay her $15 per hour.


The grandmother wasn’t happy when her daughter asked her for a lower fee, offering to pay here only $10 instead. As much as the grandmother loves her grandson, she actually needs an income after all.

“I am not a daycare, I need money to replace the time I am giving up from my job,” the unnamed woman was quoted as saying by Daily Mail, but not everybody out on the Internet agreed with her.


Sharing her story earned the woman a lot of criticism, with some considering her $15-an-hour charge an “outrageous” amount. Other people suggested that she needed special certifications and qualifications to charge that much.

There was a person that calculated that if the grandmother’s daughter earned $22-an-hour for her job (after considering tax, lunch, and transportation expenses), she was going to be taking 90% of her daughter’s income for babysitting.

But there were of course those that empathized with the grandmother and tried to understand her reasons. They pointed out that, as a mother, she surely made many sacrifices, and now it shouldn’t have been required of her to keep doing it.


“Why does she have to step up to the plate - she would have made sacrifices to bring up her own kids, she shouldn't have to do it again for someone else,” one person wrote.

Despite the split opinion among those who were interested in the story enough to become involved in the argument, the fact is that 94% of the Reddit users who voted about this, took the grandmother’s side.

There are many stories about women that are asked to babysit children almost by force, and this could only lead to trouble and resentment, and if you are interested in this subject, click here to read about a woman who refuses to do so.

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