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Woman Demands Sister to Leave Her Partner Because She Doesn't like Their Relationship

Edduin Carvajal
Jan 11, 2021
06:20 A.M.
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In today’s story, a woman tells how she "forced" her sister to kick her boyfriend out on Christmas because of previous problems throughout their relationship.


On December 29, a woman only identified as Tezzarina took to Reddit to share an uncomfortable situation involving her sister’s boyfriend and wanted to know if her behavior was at fault.

Tezzarina started explaining that her sister and partner have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for two years. Sadly, he has anger, gambling, drug, and alcohol issues.

Man sitting in a chair staring at the camera | Photo: Pexels

Man sitting in a chair staring at the camera | Photo: Pexels



One day, Tezzarina’s sister even had to leave her place and sleep at her sister’s home. While they separated “for good” a while ago, they share two daughters, so he’s still part of her life.

According to Tezzarina, the man went to her house while on drugs one night that she was babysitting the girls and made a scene as he tried to take the kids with him.


The Reddit user stood her ground and didn’t let him, but he said “some pretty awful things” about her family members and did things that scared the children.

Tezzarina thought that he crossed the line, especially because one of the kids was crying and wouldn’t leave her side. From that point on, she and the rest of the family told her sister they wouldn’t support their relationship.


Six months before Tezzarina posted the story on Reddit, the man returned. While her sister kept saying they were no longer a couple, the kids told Tezzarina otherwise. She wrote:

“The eldest even told me recently that mum and dad always fight and that daddy lives with them now.”



Tezzarina told her sister that although she’d respect her relationship choices, she would not attend any events that he’s at. Their family agreed to do the same, but things wore down after a while.

So, on Christmas, Tezzarina and her family organized a reunion. She texted her sister to make sure that she was prepared to receive the family, and she said yes, but that the man was there, too.

Most people on the comment section wrote that the man sounded “genuinely dangerous.”


The Reddit user was unwilling to be with him, and although her mom would go to her sister’s place anyway, Tezzarina said she’d visit later. However, her sister pointed out that she would make him leave.

Tezzarina told her sister she would not ask that of her. Still, her sister kicked the man out of her home, so Tezzarina and the rest of her family could visit.

Tezzarina's post on Reddit, part 1 | Photo: Reddit/u/Tezzarina

Tezzarina's post on Reddit, part 1 | Photo: Reddit/u/Tezzarina


After remarking that she’s “staying firm” on the matter, Tezzarina asked her fellow netizens if she was at fault for making her sister give her partner the boot.

Most people in the comment section wrote that the man sounded “genuinely dangerous” and that Tezzarina should keep standing her ground in the situation. Some even suggested getting the authorities involved.

Tezzarina's post on Reddit, part 2 | Photo: Reddit/u/Tezzarina

Tezzarina's post on Reddit, part 2 | Photo: Reddit/u/Tezzarina

In a similar story, a woman revealed that her boyfriend was uncomfortable because she chose to keep her dead husband’s name. He’s even asked her to change her kids’ names.

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