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'This Is Us' Season 5 Details — Date, Premiere Title, William's Return & More

Laura Beatham
Dec 31, 2020
01:50 A.M.

The long-awaited season 5 premiere of "This Is Us" came out at the end of October and the episode ended in the mother of all twists.


"This is Us" released its two-hour-long premiere episode on October 27, and fans were left with a large twist that happened in the last few minutes of the show.

The episode was originally bumped up from November 10 to the end of October, which excited fans. However, the show went on a hiatus and will have its next episodes out at the beginning of January.

NBC's "This Is Us" will return from its hiatus January 5. |Photo: Twitter/NBCthisisus

NBC's "This Is Us" will return from its hiatus January 5. |Photo: Twitter/NBCthisisus

With the first four-episode being released because the production went on break, many fans have been left with questions that hopefully will be answered on January 5.

One such question includes "who is Hai" as the character was introduced in the first few episodes. It seems he has a connection to Laurel and met her after she overdosed. The shows creator tweeted this in responses to all the fan questions:


"A lot of answers when we return. Promise. The@ThisIsUsWriters are on fire and we're making them as fast (and safely) as humanly possible!"


Many questions are surrounding Kate and her past and how it will impact her relationship with her husband, Toby. She had revealed information to do with her previous relationship with Marc and a possible adoration.

Others are wondering how Mandy Moore's real-life pregnancy will affect her character, Rebecca. The last time viewers saw Rebecca and Miguel, she had some setbacks with her medication, but they seemed content with living at the Pearson's cabin.


Kevin and Randall's feud was resumed in the new season, and many are wondering if they will ever be able to come together and reconcile.

There is an even bigger question surround Randall, and that is whether he will ever find out what happened to his mother and whether she is alive or not. One fan wrote:

"Randall my heart can't take this.. there's a full moon approaching. #ThisIsUs"


Viewers and the characters themselves have been lead to believe that Randall's mom has died during the process of childbirth. However, the first episode of the 5th season completely changed that belief.

The episode ended with a flashback to Randall's mother's apparent death. The scene had the young woman being re-checked by an EMT. He noticed a pulse, and at the last minute, she is seen to take a breath.


The show has many fans; in fact, the NBC drama made the top 10 List of Nielsen's regularly scheduled programming and ranked 1 for the Absolute difference in viewership.

Of course, fans hope to have all their questions answered when the show returns from its hiatus in January. There is no doubt that more episodes will probably only bring more questions, but we definitely will be watching!

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