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Woman Was Called Ungrateful after Her Partner Gifted Her an Expensive Present — Here's Why

Oyin Balogun
Jan 17, 2021
10:40 A.M.
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A Reddit user found herself conflicted after her partner called her ungrateful for challenging his use of an expensive present he gave to her.


A Reddit user revealed that her partner decided to gift her his Nintendo Switch for Christmas because he does not use it anymore and thought it would be a great idea to give it to her.

The Reddit user noted that her partner mentioned that he would give the Nintendo Switch to her several times before Christmas. When Christmas finally came around, her partner kept his promise but did so rather unceremoniously.

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He did not wrap it or officially gift it to her. On Christmas morning, he came to her house to grab the Switch and took it over to his family's house to play it. Later that night, she decided to bring it up.

She asked him if he still wanted to give the Switch to her or if he wanted to keep it. She explained that it was alright if he still wanted it and added that she had never even played on it before.


The Reddit user's partner suddenly got defensive and retorted by saying he told her he only wanted to borrow it one last time before giving it to her. The matter passed, and they moved past the misunderstanding — or so she thought.

The next day, the Reddit user's partner took the Switch over to his family's house again without asking her. She had to ask him again, but as he did the night before, he got defensive.

Following the confrontation, her partner once again sparked questions as he bought a game for himself on the Switch.


He sternly told her that he intends to borrow the Switch from time to time. The Reddit user did not really mind that he still wants to play on it, but she did not appreciate him taking it over to his family's house if it was supposedly hers.

Her partner became offended and told her that she was ungrateful even after he gave her such an expensive gift. In turn, this made the Reddit user feel bad for not being able to match her partner's pricy gifts.


She revealed that she could not afford that much at the moment. Following the confrontation, her partner once again sparked questions as he bought a game for himself on the Switch.

The Reddit user wrote that she likes to personalize everything that she owns and is not really one to share things like that. She reiterated that it was her partner's idea to gift the Switch to her even though she had not played on it before.

She started to feel bad, wondering if she truly was wrong and being ungrateful. Here's another interesting story about a woman who refuses to go to her brother's wedding after he told her not to bring her husband.