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Nick Cannon & Brittany Bell's Adorable Kids Melt Hearts Posing Together in a Family Photo Shoot

Stephen Thompson
Jan 11, 2021
07:30 P.M.
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American television host Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell's adorable kids warmed hearts as they posed together in a sweet picture during a photoshoot. The shots were recently posted on her Instagram story.


It is almost two weeks into the new year, and Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell's adorable kids have never looked any better. The celebrity couple showed off their healthy offsprings during a new photoshoot.

Some photos were recently posted on the proud mother's Instagram story, and one of them showed their beautiful baby Powerful Queen and 9-year-old son Golden having a swell time together.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell with their son Golden Cannon attending the "Christmas Celebration On Skid Row" at the Los Angeles Mission in December 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


The adorable boy was seen lying down shirtless on a plush fuzzy blanket with a broad smile and his curly hair framing his handsome face. The baby, on the other hand, was peacefully sleeping on Cannon's shoulder and had a cute bow tie around her little head.

The second photo showed Cannon, Bell, and Powerful Queen locked in a sweet embrace as the camera shot away. The 40-year-old also had no shirt on, and his signature turban was wrapped around his head as he held on to the bundle of joy.


He also had one arm lovingly wrapped around the model, who was seen staring into the camera with a loving facial expression. No doubt she was full of so much love at the beauty of the scene.

Seeing this beautiful shot, it is easy to remember when the proud parents received a Christmas miracle when they welcomed the bouncing baby Powerful Queen late December last year.

The lovely pictures came some weeks after the news made the rounds that the then-pregnant Bell and the star had reunited.

Nick Cannon's son, Golden, poses shirtless with his baby sister Powerful in a cozy picture. | Photo: Instagram/Missbbell


Sharing the news with their fans, Bell took to her Instagram feed to post a series of wholesome photos of the family with the newborn and a few pictures from Christmas Day.

The happy mother also gushed about how much of a blessing the baby was and added that she came at the perfect time. She also expressed her undying love for Cannon, explaining that he had been her rock all through.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell locked in an embrace and doting on their new born, Powerful. | Photo: Instagram/Missbbell


In one of the pictures, the 33-year-old was seen cradling the infant in red flannel pajamas while the television star had on a Santa Claus costume. Golden was also featured in the shot with his signature wide smile.

There was also a photo of Cannon cradling Powerful, who was clad in a white onesie and green bow tie, and another shot of them holding the beautiful girl soon after her birth.


The lovely pictures came some weeks after the news made the rounds that the then-pregnant Bell and the star had reunited as they were spotted on a dinner date at a Malibu restaurant during the beauty queen's 33rd birthday.

This came three months after the host's split from his ex-girlfriend Jessica White. Though it was undecided whether they were truly back together, it is now safe to say that Powerful Queen's birth was a powerful binding force.