January 12, 2021

David Bowie's Son Duncan Jones Pens Touching Tribute on the 5th Anniversary of His Dad's Death

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Duncan Jones reflected on the 5th anniversary of his father David Bowie's death amid an outpour of love from the rocker's fans, showing how much he is still missed.

On Sunday, the legendary rocker David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, took to social media to pay tribute to his dad, who passed away five years ago at the age of 69.

Before Bowie's passing, he left the world a "parting gift," and he is sorely missed by all who knew him, especially his son and his supermodel wife, Iman.

Duncan Jones and David Bowie attend the premiere of "Moon" during the 8th Annual Tribeca Film Festival on April 30, 2009, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images.



With a tribute in honor of his late father, Jones shared that everyone has been coping in their "own ways" since he passed. While the anniversary brought feelings of sadness, it also had a silver lining, as he wrote:

"But it's both remarkable & delightful that dad is still so clearly loved by so many. Yes, he's missed."



The 49-year-old lost his father in 2016 following an arduous 18-month battle with cancer. During his final years, Bowie lived in New York, where he released his last album on his birthday two days before he died.

The album's producer and longtime friend of the legendary rocker, Tony Visconti, later said that the well-received compilation of songs called "Blackstar" was meant as Bowie's "parting gift" to the music world.

Born David Robert Jones, Bowie changed his name early in his career to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of The Monkees, releasing his first hit, "Space Oddity" five days before Neil Amstrong walked on the moon in 1969.




His music's impact showed after his death, as fans held a vigil for weeks at the apartment he used to share with Iggy Pop in Berlin during the 1970s.

When the first anniversary of Bowie's death came, hordes of fans gathered at his memorial in Brixton, London, followed by several events and concerts held to celebrate him in subsequent years.



On January 9, the day after Bowie would have celebrated his 74th birthday, his wife, Iman, paid a touching tribute to the rocker with a heartwarming throwback picture.

Sharing a snap taken of Bowie tenderly kissing his supermodel wife on the forehead, Iman captioned the post, "Forehead kisses are kisses meant for the soul #EternalLove #BowieForever."

The world of country also recently lost a legend when news broke last December that Charlie Pride died following complications due to the novel coronavirus.

A noteworthy baseball player and musician, Pride earned quite the fanbase over the years, and tributes streamed in as the likes of Reba McEntire and other stars also mourned the loss.