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January 20, 2021

DWTS Host Tyra Banks Shares Lovely Throwback Photo at a Coffee Shop & Reveals Her New Project

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"Dancing with the Stars" host Tyra Banks excited her fans with a lovely throwback picture of her at a coffee shop and a sweet announcement of a new gig she is working on.

"Dancing with the Star" host Tyra Banks gave her fans double reasons to be excited with her recent Instagram post. First, her lovely throwback picture, and secondly, a sweet revelation of a new gig she is working on.

The show host and businesswoman posted a cute throwback picture of her in a coffee shop. From the caption, the photo was taken before the pandemic era, when she could cheerfully walk into any coffee shop without harboring some fears.


Tyra Banks at the Build Studio to discuss the show "America's Next Top Model" on January 9, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

In the picture she shared, in her usual style, Banks looked gorgeous in a colorful floral shirt worn over a black shirt. Her curly blonde hair was rocked in style as she posed with a cup of coffee in her hand and a gentle piercing eye for the camera.


Banks announced that she had something brewing for coffee lovers as part of her addition in her forthcoming ice cream business called Smizecream. She asked her fans to state their favorite coffee flavor. The post was captioned:

"We aren't working on a coffee-flavored ice cream yet, but have something else that we will be debuting for y'all coffee lovers. ☕️ ? ... Let me know what you like below!"


Her fans reacted swiftly to the post with likes and comments. While some fans commented on the forthcoming business, others were more interested in passing off compliments on how beautiful she looked in the throwback picture she shared.


Banks revealed that her business partner, DJ Splitz, had encouraged her to show her real self to her fans, and it turned out to be a hit.


Banks' love for ice cream has been an open secret. In one post, the show host revealed that ice cream was the bridge she had to cross to achieve her perfect body. She is a big fan of ice cream along with her son York.

In 2019 she announced her plans to go into the ice cream business, co-founded with DJ Splitz. The duo is hoping that their brand will become a favorite in the country when their first store opens.


Besides her business getting off a good start, Banks has also been having a good time in other areas of her life. Her first season as the host of "Dancing with the Stars" ended on high notes despite having a turbulent start.

Reflecting on her experience, Banks revealed that she enjoyed being a host more when she was wearing sneakers under her dress. The TV star says she gets to have more fun when she is on sneakers than on heels.


Her fans praised the 47-year-old for sharing a picture of her natural hair. Banks revealed that her business partner, DJ Splitz, had encouraged her to show her real self to her fans, and it turned out to be a hit.

Within the first hour of posting, the post had gathered over 14,000 likes and tons of comments praising her for showcasing her black beauty. Banks, a former model, knows how to look beautiful in just anything and her fans love her for that.