'The Masked Dancer' Recap — Famous Singer & Songwriter Was Revealed to Be the Cricket

Paula Abdul’s jaw dropped when “The Masked Dancer” was revealed on Wednesday’s edition of the dance competition. Find out who the mystery dancer was below. 

On the "The Masked Dancer" recap, the cricket was revealed as a famous singer and songwriter. Underneath the cricket costume was the soulful singer Brian McKnight.

A 1-minute clip from the show’s Twitter page shows the audience and judges' reactions after learning that the "Back at One" singer was the mystery celebrity guest. There was a triumphant uproar when McKnight took off his mask.

Brian Mcknight attends iHeart R&B Concert Series Featuring Brian McKnight on June 26, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images

Brian Mcknight attends iHeart R&B Concert Series Featuring Brian McKnight on June 26, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images

It was certainly unexpected for the 16th time Grammy Award nominee to grace the TV show with his presence. “The Masked Dancer” is paneled by Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Ashely Tisdale, and Brian Austin Green.

Hosted by comedian Craig Robinson who gladly announced that it was McKnight under the mask. When asked about his experience in the top-secret competition, the 51-year-old said, “I thoroughly enjoyed being anonymous.”

McKnight admitted that there was no way that he would have participated in the series if people would have known that it was him under the outfit. The guitarist shared that he had a good time being undercover.

“It was very cool to put on a costume outside of Halloween," he said. McKnight described his experience as being like an invincible man.

“I thought that it was important to be as in character as I could be to kind of throw people off as to who was underneath the mask. I tried be as a cricket as much as I possibly could.”

It turns out that McKnight has been eager to be on “The Masked Singer," but instead, the musician received a call for the spinoff series “The Masked Dancer.” Being so keen on appearing on the show, when he finally received that phone call, it was a golden moment for the superstar.

McKnight was not the only unusual guest that threw everyone off guard this season. Dressed up as The Ice Cube on the January 6 episode was Bill Nye. The 65-year-old is popularly known as the Science Guy.

Nye danced to “Bad Romance” by Postmodern Jukebox as hints of his background were shared. The mechanical engineer revealed that when growing up, he was alone and isolated.   

The television presenter added that his mother was at the White House while his dad spent real time behind bars. Other guesses for the star were Bill Mayer and Anderson Cooper.

The series competition presenter, Robinson, is reportedly the best choice to host the show. In an opinion piece from Cinema Blend, Robinson is said to be the show's real winner.

The actor is reportedly showing a side of him that may soon make him one of the best television hosts out there. The 49-year-old is said to be bringing the energy that complements the eccentric series.

Robinson also has a few dance moves and singing talent. Viewers can probably expect to see the entertainer bust a move at least once during the show's nine-episode season.

"The Masked Dancer" features ten celebrity contestants. It kicked off with a line-up of themed costumes that include Cotton Candy, Hammerhead, Ice Cube, Miss Moth, among others.

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