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Daily Joke: Man Accidentally Overturns His Golf Cart

Kareena Koirala
Jan 27, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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One fine day, David decides to go golfing. After a long day at the course, he was ready to go home, but while driving his cart, he accidentally overturned it. A breathtakingly gorgeous woman comes to his rescue.


"What a lovely day!" David exclaimed as he headed out of the house. It was the weekend, and he was excited to spend the sunny day at the golf course.

After spending hours on the course, it was time for David to head home. He packed his bags and got into his cart, only to lose control and overturn it.

Man playing golf. | Source: Pexels/MarkusSpiske


Elizabeth, a very attractive and keen golfer who lived in a villa on the golf course, heard the noise. "Are you okay? What's your name?" she called out.

"I'm David, and I think I'm okay, thanks," David said as he pulled himself out of the cart that was now twisted.


"I'm Elizabeth. I hope you're not hurt," Elizabeth said as she came closer. "You should rest for a while."

David was starstruck. He had never seen a woman so beautiful. Elizabeth was like an angel straight out of fiction. She could easily take someone's breath away.


"David, I would like to invite you to my villa," Elizabeth said in a sultry voice. David could now smell her sweet perfume. Vanilla and wild berries, his favorite.

"Come on, you can rest there, and I'll help you get the cart up later," she said.

Elizabeth excused herself to go to the bathroom. David's jaw fell to the ground when she came back.


"So nice of you, but I don't think my wife would like it," David said.

"Oh, come on now," Elizabeth said with a laugh. "I don't bite."

David could not help but go after her. She was persuasive and irresistibly beautiful. "My wife's going to kill me," David thought as he followed Elizabeth to her villa.


David and Elizabeth started talking, and she offered him a glass of Scotch. "My wife is going to be so mad," David said as he reluctantly took a sip.

"Stop worrying, David," Elizabeth said. "Sit back and relax for a while."

After downing a couple of pegs, David was ready to leave. Elizabeth excused herself to go to the bathroom. David's jaw fell to the ground when she came back.


Elizabeth was dressed in a curve-hugging satin gown. "Whoa," David said. "I better go now. My wife is going to be really, really upset."

"Don't be silly! She won't know anything," Elizabeth said, ever so sultrily. "Where is she anyway?"

"Still under the cart, I guess."

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