Daily Joke: An Engineer Dies and Was Sent to Hell

An engineer, who never did a single thing to cause harm intentionally, was pretty sure he would end up in heaven. So when he was sent to hell, he was truly disappointed. 

All his life, Kevin had done good to those around him. He was the most trust-worthy engineer at a firm, and he never let anybody down. 

Kevin was the type of person who would never harm a living being. Legend had it, he once had a funeral for a rodent who bit him before his wife smashed him unconscious with a mop. He did not talk to her for three days. 

A happy man. | Source: Pexels/ItaloMelo

A happy man. | Source: Pexels/ItaloMelo

One day, Kevin died in his sleep. He was hoping to wake up to a beautiful bright place with beautiful angels roaming around in white like ethereal balls of clouds. There would be dogs with halos because all dogs go to heaven.

A gush of warm wind awakened him. "Finally!" he exclaimed, but his smile disappeared in no time because the place he was in did not remotely resemble heaven. 

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed. 

"That's right. Welcome aboard," Lucifer stood before him with a devilish smile and said. 

Every day, he made little improvements around hell.

Kevin decided to roam around a little. Everyone looked grouchy because of the heat, and the AC there desperately needed maintenance.

"Well, looks like hell could use people like me," he said and started fixing the AC. 

Everybody was bored because there was nothing to do and the cable box was not working. Kevin fixed it.

Every day, he made little improvements around hell. Soon, the word got out, and God found out they had made a mistake. He went to Lucifer to get Kevin's soul back. 

"Hey, I think you have our guy. He belongs in heaven," God said. 

"I don't think so. We like him down here. He stays," Lucifer replied. 

"Don't make me sue you, Lucifer," God said in a fury. 

"Where do you think you are going to find a lawyer?" 

Source: Reddit 

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