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Kellyanne Conway's Twitter Shares Inappropriate Photo of Teen Daughter Claudia — Here's What We Know

Pedro Marrero
Jan 31, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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Former presidential senior counselor Kellyanne Conway is in the middle of a scandal. She is the subject of a police investigation after being accused of sharing an inappropriate snapshot of her teenage daughter on Twitter.


54-year-old Kellyanne Conway, the former counselor to former US President Donald Trump, has recently found herself involved in controversy since she was accused of posting a topless snapshot of her 16-year-old daughter Claudia Conway.

As Vulture reported on January 25, 2020, Kellyanne allegedly used Twitter Fleets (a feature that deletes a post after 24 hours) to post the partially nude photo of her underage daughter, with Claudia later confirming that it was actually her.

Kellyanne Conway on This Week with George Stephanopoulos at the White House, in Washington, DC in January 2017. | Image: Getty Images.



Kellyanne’s post didn’t last long before it was taken down by the account. Nevertheless, several users made screenshots of Claudia’s photo shared by her mother’s account, with some even reposting it.

As it has been recorded, Claudia was on a TikTok Live Video with her followers when some of them told her about her mother sharing one of her nudes on Twitter, which she briefly dismissed as a joke.



But later, Claudia did another Live Video to confirm the picture was hers. She said it was taken months prior and that her mother might have taken it from her phone and “accidentally” posted it on Twitter.

While she admitted the possibility that Kellyanne might have shared the problematic photo by mistake, a visibly upset Claudia could be heard, concluding that her mother would go to jail for posting the nude of a minor.



Claudia insisted that nobody else could have access to the photo. She pleaded with her followers and viewers to report the topless picture if they happened to see it reposted anywhere.

Claudia later deleted these posts, but they were reshared by users, adding to the concern of the teenage girl’s fans, who could hear Claudia and her mother arguing with a police officer in a January 25 Instagram Live by Tana Mongeau.


In the post, which Mongeau captioned “#justiceforclaudia,” Kellyanne can be heard accusing her daughter of making up the entire nude-photo incident to attract attention to herself.

Claudia has previously accused her mother of being abusive to her. Only the week before the Twitter nude incident, Claudia took to TikTok to allegedly expose her mom as an abuser.

The teenager shared a few videos that, according to her, prove Kellyanne verbally and physically abuses her, and she claimed that her calls to Child Protective Services have been ignored because of her mother’s influence.



However, on the morning of January 26, Claudia reappeared on TikTok with a different view about the incident with her mother, saying that she regretted accusing her of intentionally posting the photo.

“I will be taking a break because social media is a really dark place. Instead of shining light on this situation, hate and violence were incited. And that was never ever my intention, nor my mom’s,” Claudia said on TikTok.


Claudia clarified that nobody forced her to share and that it was something that genuinely came from her. She then revealed that she was going to take a break from social media to discuss her issues with her mother in private.

Claudia also said that she and her mother had problems like any other mother and daughter, but she acknowledged that the scrutiny of the media and the public has taken the situation out of proportion.



But even if Claudia seems to have made amends with Kellyanne for the time being, it surfaced that the Alpine, New Jersey, police department has already launched an investigation into the incident.

Alpine chief of police Christopher Belcolle confirmed that the investigation was taking place, but he refused to share any additional information, given that it is a case that involves a minor.

This latest incident follows a months-long trend of calling each other out in public, and it is not the first time the Police would pay a visit to the household over an incident between the mother and the daughter.


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