Kate Hudson Opens up about Estrangement From Father & Raising Her 3 Kids With Different Dads

Kate Hudson discussed her estrangement from her father and raising her three kids with different dads on the Today show.

In an interview with Willie Geist from Today, Kate Hudson discussed her upcoming movie "Music," her estranged father and raising her three kids from different dads. 

Geist and Hudson discussed her new movie "Music," which is directed by the singer Sia. The film follows a former drug dealer, who Hudson plays, and her relationship with her autistic half-sister. 

The interview also featured Hudson discussing what life has been like with her three kids during the pandemic. She shared that she wished she could saying everything was fine. 

However, she said that some days were great, and other days she had to remind herself to be grateful. She went on to say that sometimes she found herself in the bathroom as she said:

"And when you have so many kids, sometimes you have those moments where you're hiding in your bathroom going, "Please, please, get me out of here!" "

She joked that she had multiple dads and kids all over the place as her three kids are fathered by different men. 

She shares her eldest son, Ryder, with her ex-husband Chris Robinson. She had her son Bingham with her ex-fiance, Matt Bellamy, and had her toddler, Rani Rose, with her current boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. 

Bill shared with the Daily Mail that he stopped seeing Hudson and her brother Oliver.

All the kids look like they get on well, as Hudson regularly shares photos of all three kids hanging out and playing together. 

Although her kids have good relationships with their parents, Hudson has an estranged relationship with her father, Bill Hudson. She has shared that it might be the reason for her previous relationships not working out:

"I think that’s like the age-old psychological core issue for any situation, anybody who has had an experience with a parent that is absent, it’s going to manifest.”

Bill shared with the Daily Mail that he stopped seeing Hudson and her brother Oliver because their mother, Goldie Hawn, had made him out to be the monster

However, Kate had said that her mother had never spoken badly of Bill when she was younger. Hawn went on to marry Kurt Russel, who became a father figure to Kate. 

She shared a photo of Russel for Father's Day, in which she called him "Pa," and shared that she loved him to the moon and back. 

Hudson and her brother have a podcast called "Sibling Revelry," where she shared that she would love to meet their other four siblings that her father went on to have. 

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