'1000-LB Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Shares Her Thoughts on People Pointing Out She Gained Weight

Mabale Moloi
Feb 06, 2021
02:50 P.M.

"1000-LB Sisters" reality star, Tammy Slaton talks about how the comments people make about her weight gain make her feel. Season 2 sees Amy Slaton showing her mistrust towards Tammy's boyfriend.


It hasn't been an easy road documenting attempts to lose weight in order to qualify for bariatric surgery. And while Amy has met the requirements, Tammy shares how all the criticism about her weight gain affects her.

Speaking during one of their episodes, Amy revealed the hateful comments she used to receive a year ago have subsided. No surprises considering she lost enough weight to undergo the weight loss surgery. Amy is also now 4 months pregnant.

Tammy Slaton says it us unhelpful that commentors are making hurtful remarks about her recent weight gain, February, 2021. | Photo: Youtube/tlcclips.

Tammy Slaton says it us unhelpful that commentors are making hurtful remarks about her recent weight gain, February, 2021. | Photo: Youtube/tlcclips.

Her sister, Tammy, on the other hand, didn't hold back lashing out at those she says have compared her failure to Amy's success, and accused her of not putting in the required work, as she demanded of these people:

"How do they freakin know?"


Furthermore, Tammy questioned the commenters on whether they had good intentions by being mean, as that definitely did not help with her emotional eating. She added it served only to distress her, which she didn't like.


Unfortunately, the Slaton sisters have endured years of hate and bullying, which stretches back as early as their YouTube days when Amy's channel used to rack up millions of views for partaking in trends like the chubby bunny challenge in 2014.

The struggle with weight loss for both sisters began shortly after their grandmother died at around the age of 10.

Three years later and the sisters were still having abusive words hurled at them, which eventually prompted Amy to upload a vlog dedicated to addressing the negative comments left on her page.


However, there were those supporters who came to Amy's defense. In May 2017, Amy shared a screenshot on her Instagram of a follower who put their haters in their place, telling them to go elsewhere if they sought conformity, as she wrote:

"If you don't like Amy Slaton then don't watch her. Spreading hate and negativity will destroy you within."

Amy thanked her supportive fanbase through her caption, admitting she didn't know where she would be without them. Several commenters encouraged her even more by telling her to keep on the weight loss journey.


The struggle with weight loss for both sisters began shortly after their grandmother died at around the age of 10. Amy explained the siblings had the rug pulled from beneath them, and left to fend for themselves since their mom worked 3 jobs.

As a result, they developed unhealthy eating habits by cooking their own meals in the form of pizza and noodles. Amy later revealed it was also frustrating because fast food was cheaper than the healthier food options.


The sisters have come a long way since the TLC series launched in early 2020. Tammy recently shared her concerns after finding out she was pregnant 4 months after undergoing her bariatric surgery.

As for Tammy, a trailer for season 2 indicated she'll be coming to blows with her sister, over her mistrust of Tammy's boyfriend, Jeremy Sykes. Sykes tried to assure Amy he is supportive of Tammy's weight journey while she grilled him on his intentions.

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