'The Girl from Petrovka' Actress Goldie Hawn Pays Tribute to Late Co-star Hal Holbrook

Actress Goldie Hawn moved hearts when she posted an emotional throwback photo on Instagram to pay homage to her “The Girl from Petrovka” late co-star actor Hal Halbrook on Tuesday. 

Goldie Hawn took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute to co-star Hal Holbrook who died at age 95 on Monday. Posting an intense black and white behind the scenes photograph, Hawn called the actor one of the greatest. 

Holbrook played alongside the actress in the romantic drama “The Girl from Petrovka.” The late actor was an acclaimed performer whose acting skills set him apart in his successful Hollywood career spanning several years.

Actor Hal Holbrook and wife Dixie Carter attending the world premiere of "The Majestic."  Source | Photo: Getty Images

Actor Hal Holbrook and wife Dixie Carter attending the world premiere of "The Majestic." Source | Photo: Getty Images

Holbrook first gained critical acclaim for his one-person show “Mark Twain'' which won him a Tony award. The actor was also the oldest oscar nominee at 82 years old for his role in the film “Into the wild.”

Holbrook was able to secure a role in the film thanks to fellow actor Sean Penn. The actor revealed his Oscar-winning performance, despite his minimal screen time, was due to how he related to the film's storyline.

“It has meant more to me than any role I've played."

Holbrook first began his acting career while he attended Denison University. While undertaking a study about Huckleberry Finn, author Mark Twain the late actor got inspired to create his famous show, “Mark Twain.” 

The actor’s road to success began after he caught the TV Presenter’s eye, Ed Sullivan, who helped him get onto broadway. The show started to air on TV, and Hollbrook was well on his way for a tour around the country. 

Holbrook announced his retirement in 2017.

During the tour, the late actor had the privilege to entertain America’s 34th President at the time, Eisenhower. Holbrook started to make a name for himself on the small screen with several notable TV appearances. 

There was no such thing as small roles for this actor as he always gave a memorable performance. The actor was awarded several Emmy’s and labeled one of the greatest by his co-star Hawn.

“One our great actors and for me personally the most wonderful, kind and generous co-star.”

Holbrook delivered his most memorable performance in 1974 when he won two Emmys for the film “Pueblo.” This was the same year he also starred alongside his co-star Hawn in the movie 'The Girl from Petrovka.'

Holbrook will be remembered for his persistence. He won his next Emmy in 2007 for his leading role, “Into the Wild.”  Sean Penn introduced the actor to the role after starring together in “The Killing Of Daniel Webster.”

The actor graced his viewers’ small screens in hit shows such as “ER,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “Sopranos.” Holbrook announced his retirement in 2017, bidding farewell to the long-time show, “Mark Twain” after 60 years. 

The late actor had been married three times. He lost his third wife, Dixie Carter, to cancer after 26 years of marriage. Holbrook has three children, Victoria, David, and Eve from his two other previous marriages. 

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