February 09, 2021

Daily Joke: A Poor Man Has a Genie in a Lamp

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A rich man and a poor man lived next to each other. One day, the rich man peeked outside his window when he saw the poor man rubbing a lamp. A cloud of smoke poured out from the rusty vessel.

Joey sipped whiskey as he looked outside the window. It was a gloomy day with thick gray clouds gathered up in the sky. He let out a deep sigh and inched away from the window.

The whiskey looked like liquid gold as Joey placed it on a table near the fireplace. The fire crackled and roared as he made his way back to the window.

"Where is this woman," he muttered. He had been waiting for his wife for an hour. 


A man looks outside the window. | Source: Pexels/AndreaPiacquadio

A storm was coming. Joey looked outside to see the trees sway against the strong wind. His neighbor Cary rubbed his hands together as he went inside his small house and shut the door.


"What a loser," Joey thought to himself. He was not a big fan of his poor neighbor, who he thought was dumb. Cary had quit his cushy job in a big corporation to live a low key life out there.  


As he looked on, Cary sat against the window. He held a rusty lamp and smiled at it before rubbing it slowly. A cloud of smoke rose from the nozzle and took the shape of a big man with droopy eyes. 

Joey's jaws nearly touched the floor. He could not believe that his poor, dumb neighbor had a genie. He watched on to see what he would wish for. The genie handed Cary a cup of hot tea and disappeared. 


"I could not believe my eyes, Marla," Joey told his wife that night. "Dumb, dumb Cary. He found a lamp, and all he wished for was a cup of tea."

The next morning, Joey looked out of his window as he sipped on a cup of coffee. He could see that Cary was rubbing the lamp. He curiously watched to see what he would wish for this time. 


Joey had wished for a cup of tea again. "Ugh, I can't stand it. I have got to find a way to take the lamp from him," he thought. He called Marla and asked if he could trade their penthouse and Ferrari for the lamp. 

She agreed. Joey went to Cary's house a few days later. "I know about the lamp. I'd like to make an offer," he said. Cary happily agreed to trade the lamp for the penthouse and the Ferrari. 


Excited, Joey went home and called his wife to make a wish together. Their eyes twinkled as he slowly rubbed on the lamp. "Ask what you want," the genie said as he rose. 

"I want a bigger house and a room full of diamonds," Joey demanded as he winked at Marla.

"Sorry, sir, I only serve tea and coffee."

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Source: Reddit