February 15, 2021

Daily Joke: Butcher Tries to Chase a Dog Away but Saw It Has $10 and a Note

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A butcher is intrigued after finding a dog holding $10 and a note in his mouth. He then follows the dog only to find out that it is smarter than he initially thought.

A butcher sees a dog in front of his store and attempts to send it away. While shouting at the dog, he sees a $10 bill and a handwritten note reading:

"5 lamb chops, please."

A photo of a man smiling and holding his dog and his phone. | Photo: Getty Images


Surprised, the butcher picks the $10 note, takes a bag of chops from the store, carefully places it in the dog's mouth, and quickly closes the shop.

After closing the store, the butcher follows the dog and observes how he waits for the traffic light before crossing the road to a bus stop, where he checks the timetable and waits.


Soon after, a bus arrives and the dog walks to the front to confirm the number before boarding. Intrigued, the butcher still follows the dog as he continues to observe.

As the bus goes through the city, the dog looks around, taking in the beautiful scenery. He soon stands on his back paws, pushes the "stop" bell, and gets off the bus. Still, the butcher follows.


The dog briskly walks to a house where he drops the bag of chops. He goes around the house, back down a pathway, and throws himself against the door.

Seeing that there was no answer on his first try, the dog throws himself against the door again but still, there was no response. He then jumps on a wall, walks into the garden where he hits his head on a window, and runs off to wait at the front door.


Soon, a big man opens the door and starts yelling at the dog. The butcher then shows up next to the dog, asking the man why he was yelling at the genius dog. In response, the angry man says:

"Genius, my ass......... It's the second time this week he's forgotten his keys!"

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Source: Reddit