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Woman Does Not Tell Mom She Changed Her Name and Things Get Ugly

Junie Sihlangu
Feb 20, 2021
08:40 P.M.
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A woman’s mother got remarried when she was just a little girl and changed her last name to her stepfather’s one. Now the daughter has gotten into an argument with her for changing it back.


A 24-year-old woman lost her father when she was just 8-years-old. Two years later, her mother got married to a new man, and that same year she changed the little girl’s last name to her stepfather’s.

The intention behind the change was so that the whole family would have the same last name. However, the woman’s mother never consulted her, and she didn’t want the change.

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She even tried begging her mother not to make the change, but the parent told her it would make life easy for all of them. The mother also lied and said it would make the daughter happy.

When the woman was a 16-year-old teenager, she asked her mother if she could change her name back. The parent became very angry with her, but she asked the following year again with worse results.

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The woman explained that her mother was angry on both occasions because she and the stepfather had lost a baby. The stepfather was never able to have his own biological children.

The daughter’s mother felt she was disrespectful because the stepfather had played his role in raising her. Her mother felt she was tossing out his name ungratefully.

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Eventually, the daughter became old enough to move out, and when she did, she petitioned the courts so she could change her name back. At the time, she was 18 and never told her mother about the change.

The woman has no regrets but wonders if she should’ve confessed and dealt with the backlash.

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When she was 24, her mother and stepfather came to visit her at her boyfriend’s house. They happened to see her diploma from her graduation and saw the last name change and became angry.

The graduation ceremony didn’t happen because of the outbreak of coronavirus, and that’s why they only found out through the diploma. The next months were tense, with the parents harboring anger at her.

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Her mother told her she was wrong for hiding the name change, and the secret hurt them more than anything. The woman has no regrets but wonders if she should’ve confessed and dealt with the backlash.

What would you have done in her shoes? Would you have asked for permission one more time or gone ahead with the change and let the parents know immediately afterward?


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