Teen Does Not Want Her Name Written on Her Stepmom's Necklace

Afouda Bamidele
Dec 28, 2020
07:15 P.M.
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A teenager who refused to sign her name on her stepmother’s necklace is on the receiving end of a backlash from her father and wants to know if she wrong for her decision.


The teenager in question took to Reddit to tell her story. She wrote that she is 15 years old and lives with her father and stepmother. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her stepmother and dad got married after her mom died.

She explained that after her mother passed, her stepmother changed towards her. Previously she was only satisfied with being the poster’s stepmother, but when her mother died, she got the idea that the poster wanted her to replace her late mother.

A photo of a sad teenager looking out of a window. | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a sad teenager looking out of a window. | Photo: Shutterstock


The teenager revealed that she had spoken with her stepmother at length in the past and told her directly that she didn’t need her to become her mother. However, that didn’t stop her from thinking about the teenager as her daughter.

The poster doesn’t have a problem with her stepmother’s thoughts. However, she hates that she is constantly reminded that not considering her stepmother as her mother hurts her feelings.


Other times, her family would tell her that it’s unhealthy for her not to open her heart to a new mother. As a result of the constant badgering, the teenager began feeling distant from her stepmother.

In fact, once or twice a week, her family would remind her that it was okay to have two moms whenever she insisted that she was okay with having just one mother. It got so bad that she was taken to therapy where the issue was discussed.


The poster explained that she believed her father’s worry stemmed from the fact that he and his new wife wanted to legally adopt her so that her paternal grandfather couldn’t fight for her custody if something happens to her father.

She has since told them that she prefers to go with her grandfather, but her dad insists that she stays with her stepmother. The teenager stood her ground, and the matter was dropped after realizing she wasn’t coming around.


However, things aren’t great with her stepmother. She wrote that when her stepmother was pregnant with her half-brother six years ago, she asked her to write her name to add a section for her in a necklace. The poster refused.

Her stepmother came with the request again when her half-baby sister wrote down her name, but the poster refused. This Christmas, her youngest half-brother scribbled his name, and again she was asked to do the same.


The frustrated teenager refused and revealed that she doesn’t feel comfortable that her name has a section on the necklace in the first place. Hence, she wasn’t to go ahead and sign it to pretend like the stepmother is her mother.

This hurt her stepmother and made her cry. She begged the poster to please make her wish come true, but the young girl refused. Now, her father is begging to reconsider.


He told her to sign it for the sake of her unborn kids as the stepmother would be their grandmother, and they will ask why she failed to sign her name. Do you think the teenager is wrong for standing her ground?

Should she have written her name? What advice do you have for the poster? Click here to read about a man who doesn’t want to allow his girlfriend’s child to move back into his home.

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