Ariel Struggles for Life: 5-Year-Old Wakes from Coma but Remains in Critical Condition after Crash Involving ex-Chiefs Assistant

Pedro Marrero
Feb 21, 2021
06:00 A.M.

Little Ariel Young was in a car with her mother and her cousin when a vehicle hit them causing serious injuries. After being in a coma for several days, there is now good news about the little girl’s recovery.


Car accidents are becoming more frequent despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the following restrictions that began in the quarantine. In early February, a family was injured as a result of a collision of several vehicles.

According to the fundraising page, 5-year-old Ariel Young was seriously injured in a car accident. Ariel's cousin, 4-year-old Juliana also suffered minor injuries and is at her home recovering.

ABC News reporting advance of Kansas City Chief coach Andy Reid investigation of his son car accident were two children get severely injured. | Image: YouTube/abcnews.

ABC News reporting advance of Kansas City Chief coach Andy Reid investigation of his son car accident were two children get severely injured. | Image: YouTube/abcnews.

Her mother is also with minor injuries, but little Ariel is not. She is hospitalized in critical condition, with injuries in her head and internal bleeding. Her cousin Tiffany Verhulst organized a fundraiser to get as much help for the family as possible

She wrote: “… This page is set up for the hospital bills, weeks of missed work that will come and any other expenses this causes her. The last thing any mother dealing with something like this should have to worry about is the financials. No child deserves to go through this, nor should any mother have to see her child like this. "



Felicia Miller and the girls were heading to I-435 and Stadium Drive at 9 pm on Feb. 4 to assist a family member who had run out of gas. While they were on the side of the road trying to start the vehicle, a Ram pickup truck crashed into them.

Immediately after, the Ram continued out of control and crashed into the vehicle where the two girls waited patiently in the back seat. As a result of the impact, the girls were injured and soon taken to the hospital.



The vehicle that caused the accident was driven by Britt Reid, Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach. Reid told officers who attended the crash scene that she had had two or three drinks and that she was taking Adderall by prescription.

Officers noticed a slight smell of alcohol on the driver and that she was apparently incapacitated when they arrived at the scene. All this information is being investigated, Reid remains hospitalized but there is no news of her injuries.



Little Ariel has been hospitalized since the day of the accident without showing changes in her serious condition. The mother's cousin, Tiffanie Verhulst has been since reporting on the little girl's health condition.

On February 16, in little Ariel's status update, Verhulst reported that the girl is awake again. For the first time since the accident, little Ariel opened her eyes after being in a coma for 11 days.



Verhulst created the campaign to raise funds on behalf of Ariel's mother after she gave her authorization. She was sure to get whatever was necessary and cover the family's medical and living expenses. The initial goal was $ 400,000 and to date, there are more than $ 500,000

Miller is a single mother of three children, the youngest is a baby who is now away from her mother now that she has to care for Ariel. This money collected also helps them with their finances as Ariel’s mom has been unemployed since she was hospitalized.



To date, no charges have been brought against Reid, however, it was reported that she has been involved in other incidents for driving under the influence and that could become a serious violation.

Reid's father, Kansas City Chief Coach Andy Reid said: "My heart goes out to all those involved in the accident, in particular the family with the little girl fighting for her life."

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