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Boy, 10, Dies after Saving His Younger Sister from a Frozen Pond in Tennessee

Pedro Marrero
Feb 21, 2021
06:40 A.M.
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Abigail Luckett fell into a frozen pond and her brother Benjamin Luckett managed to keep her out of the water while help arrived.


On Sunday, February 14th, three brothers were playing near a stake behind their house. While the children were playing, Abigail, 6, fell into the frozen pond. Her brother, Benjamin, 10, tried to save her while her other brother went for help.

The children's father, Robert, managed to get his daughter out of the water but not his other son. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office and Millington Fire Department responded to the children's home for help and transferred them both to the hospital.


Benjamin was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Her sister Abigail was placed in intensive care and a ventilator, they are giving antibiotics to avoid the risk of pneumonia from the water that entered her lungs.

Firefighters said the boy Benjamin did the best he could to keep his sister out of the water until help arrived. A fundraising campaign was created for Benjamin's funeral and Abigail's hospital expenses.



The family's pastor Jamie Stilgenbauer, of Leawood East Baptist Church, Cordova, Tennessee, has been sharing updates on Abigail and the family's status during this harsh time on his Facebook.

One of the latest news that he shared explained that the girl was reacting well and that she had been transferred to a regular room, outside the ICU. She required help to walk but is moving forward a little at a time.



Stilgenbauer also explained in another post that the girl's mother Christine had asked the support team for help in telling Abigail about her brother Benjamin hers. He says the girl has taken it quite well and that she continues to evolve.

The support staff sent her a cast of Benjamin's hand which they made and the girl wanted to hold it, her neurological tests are fine. Christine for her part is overwhelmed by the attention and affection of the people and the hospital staff.



Brent Perkins, of the Shelby County Fire Department, reported that bodies of water currently do not have a layer of ice strong enough to support a person's weight, so they break and the person falls into freezing water.

He also said that it is a circumstance with low probability but that it has an unfortunate outcome. The officers have given their full support and support to the family.



The family is grieving the loss of her as they help Abigail recover from her injuries, and they are grateful for the love, prayers, and support of the entire community. The local media have reported the evolution of the girl's health who is going to go to her house soon.

Leawood East Baptist Church is holding a love drive to help the family with funeral and hospital expenses. Additionally, the family has started a GoFundMe collection that to date has raised $ 30,000 of the $ 25,000 goal.