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Arkansas Man, 69, Tragically Dies Attempting to Save His Beloved Calf from a Frozen Pond

Gaone Pule
Feb 19, 2021
05:50 P.M.
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A man from Arkansas is reported to have tragically died after trying to save his calf. The calf was trapped in a frozen pond, and the man lost his life trying to save it.


An Arkansas man recently lost his life trying to save a calf from a frozen pond. The man's lifeless body was found on February 17, according to a statement from Logan County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office on Facebook.

"A tragic accident was discovered today in the Magazine area. Jessie Roberts, 69, of Magazine, died after falling into his frozen pond while attempting to free a calf from the pond," the statement read.

A sunset picture of a frozen pond | Source: Pexels


Sadly, Roberts was all alone when the incident occurred. People last saw him the previous day before losing his life. A friend discovered Roberts on that day after going by his home to check on him.

When the friend could not find him in the house, he spotted his truck nearby the pond. He did not find Roberts there and opted to call family and friends to help look for him.


After the unsuccessful search, they contacted the Sheriff's Office. They believed that he might be in the pond; hence they called for official help.

People from the community also joined in the search for Roberts. His body and a dead calf were found in the pond. According to his family, he loved farming and adored his cattle, so it was not surprising that he risked his life for the calf.

Winter frozen pond | Source: Pixabay


The police wrote that it is a devasting loss for Roberts’ family and his dear friends. The officials noted that their thoughts and prayers go out to Roberts’ loved ones after suffering all alone.

According to the Police, his family also released a statement thanking those who helped with the search. The family also showed appreciation to everyone else who has reached out to them after the incident.

Frozen pond | Source: Pexels


Heartbreakingly, a similar incident occurred recently when a 10-year-old boy from Tennessee died while trying to save his sister Abigail Luckett, 6, from a frozen pond. The boy named Benjamin Luckett lost his life on Sunday.

The first responders, The Shelby County Sheriff's Office and Millington Fire Department, reportedly responded to the family's home and rushed the siblings to the hospital. Sadly, little Benjamin was pronounced dead at the emergency room.

While she lost her dear brother, Abigail managed to survive the ordeal. Updates of her recovery have been shared on social media, and she is reportedly off the ventilator and is doing very well.


River rocks | Source: Pixaby

In another heart-breaking story, a 29-year-old man identified as Manjeet Singh risked his life to save three children from a river who were swept away by water in August 2020. Singh reportedly jumped into the California river to save them.


A Reedley Police Department commander Mark Ediger told CNN that two eight-year-olds and a 10-year-old boy were playing in the Kings River when the water current overpowered them under a bridge. Singh was reportedly nearby when the incident started.

Creek river | Photo: Pixabay


"He didn't know them but just saw them needing help, so he jumped in," he told the publication. According to the officials, he got pulled underwater shortly after jumping in.

Luckily, other bystanders were able to pull out two of the children safely. One of the eight-year-olds was underwater for about 15 minutes before she was pulled out.

They performed CPR, and she was rushed to the hospital. After 40 minutes, Singh was found underwater and unresponsive. He was also rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The two other kids were unharmed, whereas the other girl was fighting for her life in the hospital.


River: Photo: Pixabay

That same year in March, another animal lover lost his life in Cheshire while trying to save his dog in a river. According to BBC, a man and a woman entered the River Weaver after one of the dogs they were walking fell into the water.


The woman, aged 20, was found hanging onto the side of a steep embankment. Firefighters were able to rescue her, where she was taken to the hospital and has since been discharged.

However, the same cannot be said about the 21-year-old man; the youngster's body was found in the river hours after the search. The police informed the young man's family, and the firefighters rescued the dog.