Daily Joke: A Deaf Man Stole $5 Million from the Mob

A deaf man was hiding after he stole $5 million from the mob, but they found him at his house and started interrogating him. The man's friend told them he could not hear anything. 

Moe's heart was beating so loud, Bill could almost hear it as he panted. He had robbed the mob the other day, and they were trying to hound him down.

Moe, who was deaf, signaled Bill to move the sofa in front of the door, a futile attempt to keep the mob from barging in. 

A nervous man. | Source: Pexels/ MichaelJaySalcedo

A nervous man. | Source: Pexels/ MichaelJaySalcedo

Suddenly, the mob barged in, smashing the wooden door like a chocolate wafer. "Here he is!" one of them barked.

Moe closed his eyes in fear as one of the goons slammed him against the wall. "Where is the $5 million?!" he demanded. 

"He... umm... he's deaf, s-sir," Bill quavered. "He only understands sign language."

"Tell him we want to know where the missing $5 million is," a jacked-up man said. Bill obliged and asked his friend about the money in sign language. 

"Where is the money?!" the guy clutched Moe harder...

"He says he doesn't know about the $5 million," Bill said. 

The goon took out a gun and put it to Moe's head. "Well, tell your friend that I'm going to pull the trigger if he does not tell me where the money is."

Bill tried explaining how serious the goons were as Moe stared at him with fear. "They're going to kill you, Moe," Bill said in sign language. 

"Where is the money?!" the guy clutched Moe harder and pressed the gun against his temple. Moe was terrified. 

"Tell them that the money is under the big brown casket under my mother's bed in her house," Moe said in sign language. "Let them have the damn money. Don't let them kill me, please!"

"What did he say?" one of the goons asked. "Tell us quick, I can hardly stop myself from pulling the trigger now..."

"He said you don't have the guts to kill him."

Source: Reddit

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