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Daily Joke: A Man Married a Bossy Wife

Afouda Bamidele
Nov 09, 2020
01:20 A.M.
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A calm man married a bossy and overbearing woman who usually controlled him until he turned the tables on her during a special visit by her friends from church.


Over the years, the dynamics of marriages have often been the man taking the lead while the woman follows behind him. In some homes, couples have chosen to be equal partners, while in other cases, the table turns, and the woman leads while the man follows.`

For this man named John, the latter was the case as he was married to an extremely bossy woman. He followed her lead and every instruction and didn’t dare to say no to her wish.

A bossy woman instructing a man. | Photo: Shutterstock


John did everything his wife asked of him and tried to always make her happy, not because he was a coward, but he was all for maintaining the peace in their home.

She informed her guests about how she ordered her husband to stay in the closet until she instructed him to come out.

An angry woman threatening to her husband. | Photo: Shutterstock.


One day, John’s wife was having a book club with the women from the local church, so she invited them over to have tea. Before the meeting, she instructed John to go hide in the closet and warned him not to come out as she didn’t want him to interrupt her session.

He simply obliged and locked himself in the closet. Once the meeting commenced, the women began talking about how they dominated their husbands, and John’s wife decided to chip in.


She informed her guests about how she ordered her husband to stay in the closet until she instructed him to come out. They didn’t believe her, so she decided to prove it to them.

With a loud voice, she yelled, “John! Come out of that closet!” Her order was met with silence from John. She cleared her throat and yelled louder, “John, come out of that closet this instant!


Still, absolute silence. John’s wife got even more furious and screamed louder and ordered her husband to get out of the closet before she loses it. After a long silence, John responded with muffled tears, saying:

“No, I won’t!I’ll show you who’s boss in this house!”

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