Tatiana, a Previously Abused Pit Bull Finally Moves to Forever Home after 10 Years in Shelters

Bettina Dizon
Feb 24, 2021
09:30 A.M.

Tatiana, a battered pit bull found nearly frozen in snow ten years ago, finally found adoptive pet parents and can live her golden years in a happy home.


After nearly a decade of being loved and cared for at the Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary in Lake Odessa, Michigan, Tatiana finally found a forever home with her adoptive pet parents.

Michelle, a volunteer in the sanctuary, took Tatiana in to care for her full-time together with her husband. Senior dogs often don’t get adopted, as many prefer having younger dogs at home.


In January 2011, Tatiana was found by her rescuer, Ernie Moss, “nearly frozen to the ground” with “tape around her legs and muzzle, was strapped on too thick and tight for him to remove it by hand.”

The Capital Area Humane Society later arrived to assess the situation to find that the poor dog had suffered from several head injuries with apparent wounds seen.


After being checked by the local veterinary, Tetiana’s skull was found to be normal with no fractures. However, she still had severe contusions on her head that needed time to heal.

Jim was a victim of a hit-and-run accident that left him with several injuries.


The saved canine remained with Capital Area Humane Society until being transferred to the Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary in October 2012. Sadly, Tatiana did not have justice. According to CAHS:

“Her abuser was found, pleaded no-contest to a misdemeanor animal abandonment charge, and only spent 44 of his 93-day sentence in jail.”


Tatiana’s abusive owner was ordered to shoulder Tatiana’s medical bills and restitution for the years of care the group had to do, which he had not paid until today.

Despite what happened, many staff at the Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary celebrate Tetiana’s adoption as she can find comfort and unconditional love in her new home.

A happy dog captured in the hands of her owner. | Source: Shutterstock

A happy dog captured in the hands of her owner. | Source: Shutterstock

Another dog, Jim, was adopted this month by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region chief veterinarian, Dr.Sue Lynch. Jim was a victim of a hit-and-run accident that left him with several injuries.

The little dog’s right leg was amputated after sustaining extensive nerve damage but recovered well, thanks to the love and care of his veterinarian, Dr. Lynch.

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