March 01, 2021

Naomi Osaka Is the World's Highest-Paid Female Athlete — Look into Her Net Worth

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Naomi Osaka is the world's highest-paid female athlete with a net worth of $37.4 million after unseating Serena Williams. 

Naomi Osaka unseated Serena Williams last year to be the world's highest-paid female athlete after she held on to the position for four years.

The 23-year-old tennis player had a skyrocket in her earnings when she signed endorsement deals after she won the Grand Slam at the US Open and Australian Open. Her wins paved the way for better deals for her.

Naomi Osaka of Japan at the Official Draw Ceremony and Gala of the 2019 WTA Finals at Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai on October 25, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Her earnings increased to $37.4million based on her endorsement deals with MasterCard, Nike, Nissan, and other partners. This is a whopping sum of money compared to her basic salary of $3.4million.  

Osaka was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Haitian-American father. She was the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam. She was also the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles, breaking records and inspiring young athletes. 


She chose her Japanese citizenship over that of the US to represent Japan in the suspended 2020 Tokyo Games. She was even expected to be one of the faces of the postponed games. 

Her father, Francois, had no tennis experiences but trained his daughters, Naomi and Mari, from Richard's blueprint.


She has remained undefeated in her major finals, won four major titles, and set to make better conquests. Her win has been consistent and remarkable over the years, and she is currently the number 2 in the world as a female tennis player, following Ashleigh Barty. 

Last year, the tennis star bought Nick Jonas' $6million bachelor pad. The house is a 4,129-square-foot minimalist mansion built in 1965 and was recently renovated by Jonas. Her purchase of the house suggested she already made Los Angeles her home. 


Osaka's parents, Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka, have been instrumental in the development of her interest in tennis. Her family is her biggest fan, and she loves them and always shows them off. 

Her father, Francois, had no tennis experiences but trained his daughters, Naomi and Mari, from Richard Williams' blueprint.

Richard is Serena's father and he had blueprints and videos on how he trained his daughters. Francois followed these videos and monitored them closely, even when they changed locations. 

23-year-old tennis star Osaka shed tears of joy and was happy when she won against Serena Williams in 2018. It was a joyous moment for her.