March 04, 2021

Melissa Rivers' Only Son Is Now 20 Years Old — Meet Cooper Endicott

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Melissa Rivers' only child, Cooper, turned 20 years old in December. Get to know the "Fashion Police" alum's son below. 

Melissa Rivers, the daughter of the ionic, Joan Rivers, had one son. His name is Edgar Cooper Endicott, although he goes by Cooper, and he is 20 years old. 

Melissa shares her son with her ex John Endicott, whom she was married to from 1998 until 2003. They welcomed Cooper on December 1, 2000.

Melissa Rivers and her late mother, Joan Rivers pictured at the 77th Annual Academy Awards, 2005, California. | Photo: Getty Images


He attends the Ohio Wesleyan University. His Instagram account shows that he enjoys surfing, horse riding and is a part of a lacrosse sports team. 

Mom, Melissa, does not frequently share photos of him, but she did share a video from his 19th birthday in 2019. She wrote a birthday message alongside the video:

"You'll always be my baby. Happy 19th birthday @cooper.endicott ?"


Melissa has credited her good relationship with her own mother for helping her create a strong bond with her son. She previously shared that the most important thing for her is to have an open communication line with him.

She explained that she always tries to make sure she and her son are talking. She made sure that they can talk about anything without fear of repercussion for information, even if it is difficult. 


The mom of one made it her duty to raise Cooper to be a good person. She revealed to Closer that she achieved her goal as he is such a decent and kind person. 

She has stated that the best legacy she could have given her mother, Joan, who passed away in 2014, was to raise a decent and good human being. She shared:

"I look at my son and I think he is the truest example of my mother’s legacy."


She explained that many of his qualities, such as being funny, kind, and smart, were qualities he got from his grandmother. While raising her son, she reminded herself of her own mother. 

She had shared that sometimes she would catch herself saying something to her son and realize she sounded just like her late mother. Mom and daughter were extremely close and appeared on TV together.


The mom and son are very close and regularly discuss their family's legacy, which includes trying their best in every aspect of their lives and being aware of how fortunate they are. 

Melissa is a well-known TV personality. She would appear with her mom, Joan, on the "Fashion Police." The show featured them and their cohosts giving their opinions on different celebrities' outfits.