March 04, 2021

Sade's Transgender Son & Fiancée Emily Announce Wedding Date Cuddling in Photos by the Seaside

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Singer Sade Adu's transgender son, Izaak, and his fiancée recently announced their wedding date with a series of stunning Instagram pictures that showed their love.

Sade Adu's transgender son Izaak has taken the love he has for his fiancée to another level, as he has his eyes set on walking her down the aisle in a few weeks.

Izaak got engaged to his girlfriend last year, and their fans have been waiting for more details from the two lovebirds, but a series of recent Instagram pictures have shown them all they need to know.


His fiancée Emily took to her Instagram page to share a series of cozy pictures where she announced that they would be tying the knot in six weeks.

In the pictures she shared, the couple could be seen sharing an emotional moment, posing by the sea as they made their big announcement to their happy fans.


Lots of congratulatory messages and well wishes from fans accompanied the post. Their fans wished them all the love and support they needed as they walked into their big moment.

Emily has been overjoyed since it became clear that she had won the race for Izaak's heart. She shared a sweet picture on her Instagram Stories, where she gushed about marrying Izaak.

It was a journey he would go over again just to be who he is.


Another picture of the couple flaunting their engagement ring assured fans that the duo was bent on taking their love to the next level and are very much in love.

The lovestruck Emily has been vocal about how much she anticipates their big day and reveals that she considers it an honor to spend forever with the man she feels safe around.

Emily and Izaak seen cozying up on Emily's Instagram story | Photo: Instagram/shakeshaftz


Izaak came into the public eye in 2016 when he came out to identify as a transgender person. He took his decision a step further in 2019 and went through a gender reassessment surgery.

Izaak shared a note to thank his mother for her support and care after needing about six months to recover from his surgery. He thanked his mom for being there during his transition journey.

Sade Adu's son Izaak and his fiance Sade Adu cozying up on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/shakeshaftz


Izaak was born Mickailia "Ila" Adu in 1996 to Sade and Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan. He revealed that he had always been a member of the LGBTQ community long before he came out.

His coming out reportedly coincided with the National Coming Out Day. He noted that his famous mother made it easy for him to be his true self and called her the best mom anyone could ask of. 

Speaking of his painful transition, Izaak, who recently made his catwalk debut, revealed that the process was painful, physically and emotionally. But it was a journey he would go over again just to be who he is.