March 05, 2021

Jamie Chapman Encourages Self-Care While Showing off Plump Lips after Getting Fillers

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Duane “Dog” Chapman’s daughter-in-law Jamie Chapman had an important message to share with her fans and followers on social media, which led to positive exchanges with some of them.

Jamie Pilar Chapman has been the wife of Leland Chapman, one of the sons of reality-TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman since 2016, and she has done many things for a living, from being a civil servant to become a tattoo model.

Most recently, on February 26, 2021, Jamie used her platform to advocate for self-care and self-love but on one’s own terms, not letting others and their expectations define what is good for every individual.

Duane "Dog" Chapman promoting his book "When Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given" in New York City in March 2010. | Image: Getty Images.


Embracing her own beauty ideal, Jamie appeared in a gorgeous selfie flaunting her plump lips one day after getting fillers, and she accompanied the image with a reflection about taking care of oneself. As she wrote in the caption:

“Whatever fills your cup! Whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Do that! And do it often!” 


Jamie also reminded her fans and followers that nobody else but one can know what makes one feel good and happy, and one shouldn’t waste time discussing with others about this.

The post and its message were well-received by her followers, with some of them reacting in the comments section and with Jamie actually exchanging messages with a couple of people.


When a user complimented Jamie’s skin and asked her whether she wore sunscreen every day, she answered negatively and added that she wears lotion on a daily basis.

In other comments, Jamie addressed having been getting fillers for years (even though she said that her last time had been two years prior) as well as using lash extensions.



There have been insisting divorce rumors about Jamie and Leland, her husband of more than four years, but as recently as September 2020, the coupled appeared very happy and in love with each other as they celebrated her 26th birthday.

Taking to his Instagram feed, Leland wished his wife a happy birthday along with a throwback picture of Jamie and him during the beginning of their love story, and he referred to her as Mrs. Chapman.