'OutDaughtered' Star Hazel Busby, 5, Is Shy as She Reunites with Boyfriend Graham after Months

Laura Beatham
Mar 07, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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"OutDaughtered" star Hazel Busby was shy when she reunited with her boyfriend, Graham, after months during a sneak peek of an upcoming episode. 


One of the 5-year-old quintuplets, Hazel Busby from TLC's "OutDaughtered," was shy when she reunited with her boyfriend, Graham, after months of being separated. 

Of course, as 5-year-olds, they are not really "dating," and he is the son of a family friend. However, their little coupling is just too adorable. 

Hazel Busby pictured in her car seat, during a conversation with her dad, Adam Busby. 2019. | Photo: YouTube/its a Buzz World


The Busby family enjoys teasing Hazel about her boyfriend, but she does not mind as she is a totally confident little lady. Not always, though, as seen in a recent episode when she was shy toward Graham. 

In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode. Graham was coming over to visit the girls as his dad was helping the Busbys with plumbing. Graham goes in for a hug from Hazel and says:

"I missed you, Hazel!"


He repeated it twice, but Hazel is not as receptive as she tried to hide in her mom's side. Her mom Danielle explained to the cameras that it was a big deal as she had not seen him for a few months, and that is long for a child. 

Luckily it is not long before Hazel warmed up to her man, as she shouted "Hey Graham" toward him while they, and her siblings, were swimming in the pool. 

Hazel was born with an eye condition called nystagmus.


They are just totally adorable. In the sneak peek clip, the Busby shared that they have plans to go on an RV road trip with their 6 daughters, eldest Blayke, and the quints, Hazel, Riley, Ava, Parker, and Olivia. 

Dad, Adam Busby, is confident that his young girls will be able to handle themselves on the trip. He explained to cameras that the RV trip was a no brainer as he said

"We could escape the chaos of the construction and get the heck out of the city. Plus, this is something that we've always wanted to try..."


Audiences have completely fallen in love with Hazel and all her sisters. Her sweet but fiery personality was apparent from the beginning of the show's 8 seasons. 

The TLC show has followed Hazel growing up and becoming the sweet and confident child she is. However, it has also followed her and her parents' journey with her eye issues. 

Hazel was born with an eye condition called nystagmus. It caused her to have an eye flutter and made it difficult for her to focus on things, and she had to turn her neck to do so. 

She had corrective surgery done when she was a baby. She now wears glasses to help her see. In a recent episode, the Busby's shared that she does not need a second surgery anytime soon.