March 05, 2021

Watch Ciara Dance to Cardi B's Song 'Up' in Awesome Video Wearing Black Dress on a Lavish Yacht

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Ciara recently stunned her fans on social media after sharing video footage of herself dancing to Cardi B's hit single "Up" on a yacht.  

Ciara still has it— she knows it, and after the latest dance video she just shared on social, her fans do too. The video, which has racked up more than 3 million views, was shared via the singer's Instagram page. 

Ciara could be seen dancing along to Cardi B's new single "Up" on a luxurious white yacht in the video. She was dressed for the part in a simple black mini dress that left her enough space and freedom to move her body. 

Ciara at VH1's annual "Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Mom" Mother's Day celebration on May 02, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Even from the video, one could tell the moves demanded a lot of energy. She moved from deep squats to twerks and back to several other moves sure to get an unfit person sore for days. 

Ciara mentioned the name of the song and tagged Cardi in her caption. Fans of the "Level Up" singer took to the comments section to gush over how good she danced. One fan wrote:

"Omg I love you kilt it boo @ciara."


Another praised the entertainer for how effortless she made the moves seem. Indeed they would have most likely been hard to pull off for an out-of-shape person; however, Ciara is nothing if not in prime condition.

He has been home, making memories with his family and challenging his son.


She has clearly been working on her body since she welcomed her son Win in July last year. Back in September, she revealed that she had lost 20 pounds since she delivered Win, leaving her with 48 more pounds to shed.

Ciara shares some of her workout videos via her Instagram story, and it gives fans an idea of just how hard she pushes her body. On February 13, the proud mother had a chat with Oprah Winfrey about losing her baby weight.


During the chat, Ciara revealed she was on track and is happy about where she is headed. Things are going so well with the weight loss that Ciara is considering leaving an extra five pounds on the list because she thinks it is the new her. 

Ciara shares her son Win with her husband of four years, Russell Wilson. The pair also share a girl named Sienna. Ciara has had the privilege of spending a lot of time with her family, especially her husband, Russell Wilson, who is an NFL player.

The league is currently in its off-season, so he has been home, making memories with his family and challenging his son for impeding his romantic sessions with his wife. Fans love to see their family thrive, and they hope their peace lasts forever.