Daily Joke: The Devil Struggles to Find the Data File of an Old Man Who Arrived in Hell

Afouda Bamidele
Mar 09, 2021
05:20 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about the devil who was struggling to find the file of an old man who arrived at the gates of hell after an unlikely incident caused him to have a heart attack.


After living more than seven decades on earth, an old man showed up at the gates of hell in flames. He was wailing for help while looking lost about his location. On seeing him, the devil began searching his cabinet for the man’s paperwork.

However, he didn’t find anything about the man and told the man. The senior man couldn’t believe he was in hell and argued with the devil, saying he had been an upright man all his life.

A photo of an entrance path with a being standing in front of it | Photo: Pixabay


The devil, who heard everyone who showed up in hell give the same excuse, asked the man to recall how he died, not leaving out any details as he believes that can help determine if he truly belongs in hell or heaven. The man sighed and recounted

“Well, I was out with minding my grandchildren, enjoying a fun day out. I don’t get the grandchildren often because my eyesight is starting to fade.”

A grandfather playing with his grandson. | Photo: Pixabay


Unfortunately, in the middle of their fun hangout, things suddenly went south when out of nowhere, the senior man spotted a large scary mouse charging angrily towards him and his family. 

He described the creature as enormous, noting that it approached his grandchildren first. Scared that the mouse might bite them and give them rabies depending on where it had been, the doting grandfather began losing his mind.


Intrigued by the story, the devil who was unconsciously munching on a bowl of popcorn asked the man what he proceeded to do. The senior man responded that he thought the mouse was born out of radiation and decided to save his family.

He reached for his walking stick and smashed the creature with it. He confirmed that although his eyesight wasn’t the best, he was sure that he whacked the animal good enough to disarm it from harming his family.


Hoping to clarify his actions, the devil asked if he indeed killed the animal with his walking stick. The old man answered affirmatively, saying he did. He explained that the kids were in tears out of horror, and the crowd began to gather.

However, it was at the moment that he had a heart attack due to the stress of the incident and lost his life. The devil couldn’t understand why such a hero would be in hell and decided to call Jesus to clarify the situation.


He spoke to Jesus, asking him to clarify the old man’s records. After some minutes of conversation on the phone, the devil turned to the man and said God wanted to know where he was when he died. The old man smiled confidently and said, “oh, that’s easy. I was at Disneyland.”

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