March 09, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Chooses Her Fish over Her Own Sister and Parents

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Sarah is refusing her parents and younger sister to move into her and her husband's home after they fell into hard times. Instead, she prefers maintaining her fish pond than letting them in. 

Sarah has always loathed her parents since her childhood. A major part of her dislike for them came after throwing her lizard away when she was eight years old because she refused to help her younger sister, Sharon, to do her homework. 

Sharon was constantly failing her classes, and her parents felt Sarah was not doing enough to help her. Hence, they felt throwing their older daughter's lizard away would make her have more time to teach her younger sibling. 


Man leaning on a wooden table. | Photo: Pexels

However, they were wrong. Sarah hated them from that moment. She already had her resentments towards them, but that act made it grow worse than it was. 


When Sarah turned 18, she moved out of her parent's home to another part of the city. She found the love of her life, Mark, who recently proposed to her. 

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Meanwhile, Sharon married at 17 and did not spend much time in her marriage as she divorced a year after marriage, going back to her parent's house. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they came upon hard times and found it hard to keep up with bill payments. Coupled with having Sharon back at home and all the hardships, Sarah's parents quit their jobs. 

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They were also kicked out of their homes as they were owing months of rent. They asked Sarah if they could move in with her and her husband along with her younger sister. 

However, Sarah refused. She recalled the lizard incident and told them they could be homeless for all she cared. Sarah owned many aquariums in her and Mark's apartment and was engrossed in its progress and that of the ponds. 

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One day, she posted a picture of the ponds and aquariums on social media, after which Sharon called her to lambast her for being selfish, telling her she was wicked not to consider housing them. 

Sharon's mother also reminded her that she gave birth to her and raised her, adding that she was spoiled and inconsiderate. They all felt bad that she sidelined them in favor of her aquariums and fish ponds. 

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Sarah knows she can re-home the fish so that her parents and siblings can live in the basement, which has two bedrooms and bathrooms. However, because they are filled with fish, she thinks it's too much stress, especially for people she dislikes.

Her husband feels she went overboard by saying her parents could remain homeless for all she cared. What do you think? Is Sarah too mean, or is she within her rights not to allow her parents and younger sister to stay in her and Mark's home? 

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