Bones Cast: Life after the Show

Bettina Dizon
Mar 11, 2021
04:49 A.M.

The series “Bones” went through so many seasons that fans were hoping it would never end. Unfortunately, it did come to an end. Keep reading to find out what the actors are up to now!


Over 12 seasons, an unlikely team of experts put their skills together to solve crimes. During its 245 episode run, "Bones" became popular for its unique approach to cracking cases, but also for its romances.

Sparks flew onscreen, as anthropologist Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Ceeley Booth narrowly worked together, and their blossoming romance was not the only one. But what happened in their lives since then?


Michaela Conlin, who portrayed Angela Montenegro's role for 12 years, didn't take up any other jobs for a long time after "Bones" ended.

Conlin then became a part of the cast of “Yellowstone,” which aired in 2018, and she starred in an episode of “Here and Now” while making it to the big screen in “Bad Trip.”

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Michaela was engaged to her colleague, T.J. Thyne, in 2007, but the couple broke up in 2011. They also became a couple on "Bones."

The actress gave birth to a son, Charlie, on February 3, 2019, but Michaela keeps her personal life out of the spotlight, so she hasn't revealed the cutie's father's identity.



Jack Hodgins is an entomologist, botanist, mineralogist, and Angela's husband. But after “Bones,” T.J. Thyne left the industry for a few years. The fans were quite surprised as he was quite talented as an actor.

Thyne had a well-established career up until the show ended, and he is now quite active on social media, sharing his life with followers. Keeping fit, Thyne runs marathons, and he recently started appearing on television again.

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In 2019, Thyne made a guest appearance on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and he also landed a role on the Netflix series "Gentefied."

After breaking up with Michaela Conlin, TJ started dating Leah Park. Shortly before 2014, the couple announced their engagement, and TJ posted pictures of a happy Leah on his Instagram. We don't know what happened next, but since the actor deleted all the pictures and stopped posting selfies together.


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments! You are all so wonderful :0) here's a few more for ya! :0) pic.twitter.com/KXHjW3cSjh

— TJ Thyne (@TJThyne) December 31, 2013


After his remarkable role in “Bones,” Eric hasn't shown up anywhere else. It might be related to his health problems, as Millegan revealed that he had bipolar disorder.

Eric replied that he would "love to do another series.” Continuing that “it’s about finding the right series and the right role.” He's living with his long-time partner and now-husband Charles Michel.


Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz had so much chemistry onscreen, but in real life, Emily is married to David Hornsby, who you might know from “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Not only has Emily herself become vegan, but she also thinks that her children shouldn't eat animal products either.


Deschanel revealed that she likes to refer to her seven-year-old son, Henry, as “the vegan police." The six-year-old chose to go vegan and is very health-conscious, according to his mom.

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After the shooting of “Bones” ended, the talented actress, the older sister of equally talented Zoe Deschanel, decided to take a break from work.

For some years, she disappeared from screens and devoted her time to her family. Over the course of shooting the show, the actress went through many milestones in her life, like getting married and giving birth.


Her pregnancies were actually written into the script of “Bones.” In 2019, the actress joined the cast of the popular TV show “Animal Kingdom” for its fourth season.

Also, Emily and her sister Zoe attended the Oscars ceremony, which was a pretty clear statement that she had decided to return to Hollywood.



It seems that he's been capturing women's hearts throughout his whole career. David was incredibly popular before “Bones,” has portrayed a charming vampire Angel in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and then in its spinoff.

Since 1997, after a recurring role in the first season of “Buffy,” David has been a regular (and the male lead, in fact) in TV series every year.

Currently, Boreanaz stars in “SEAL Team” - wherein his character, Jason Hayes, struggles in his personal and professional lives - Boreanaz continues the pattern.

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His longest break between roles was between the end of “Angel” in the spring of 2004 and the premiere of “Bones” in the fall of 2005.

It seems that David's personal life is going just as well as his financial situation. In 2010, the actor admitted having cheated on his wife, Jaime Bergman, with Rachel Uchitel.

Jaime and David decided to work on their relationship and stayed together as they worked through their marital issues. Now, the couple is happy and raising their son, Jaden, and daughter Bella.

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