March 14, 2021

Story of the Day: Parents Refuse to Attend Their Own Son's Wedding

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Courtney's parents are refusing to attend her brother Timothy's wedding because the latter refused to pick their second son, Andrew, as his best man. 

Courtney is a 21-year-old lady from Nashville, Tennessee. She is in her sophomore year in college and enjoying the experience, as it affords her the opportunity of being away from her parents. 

She is the youngest of her parents' three children. Her immediate older brother is Andrew, while her oldest brother is Timothy. Timothy recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Mary, and is planning the wedding. 

A picture of a happy couple at home smiling and standing together. | Photo: Getty Images


Everyone in the family was pleased with the news and began making preparations for the wedding. One of the reasons for the excitement is that everyone loves Mary.

Timothy and Mary scheduled their wedding ceremony for May. With Courtney in college, she did not take an active part in the wedding preparations. 


However, she was surprised when her oldest brother and his fiancée asked her to be their chief bridesmaid, a request she willingly agreed to. 

Meanwhile, her parents and Andrew believed Timothy would make his younger brother his best man but were shocked when he chose his best friend, Bob, to play that role.

Courtney was shocked by her mom and dad's utterances and could not understand why they reasoned in such a way.


This angered her parents and her immediate older brother so much that they confronted Timothy on his decision. He told them he was standing by it and would hold his wedding the way he wants to.

With that, Andrew and his parents vowed not to attend Timothy's wedding unless he makes the former his best man. When Courtney spoke to her oldest brother about the matter, he expressed his disappointment in his brother and his parents. 


He could not understand how they would want to influence his choices on his wedding day and refuse to attend his wedding for such a reason. Courtney understood her brother's viewpoint.

However, to her surprise, her parents also told her not to attend the wedding because they felt Timothy was being a bad brother to Andrew and had betrayed the family. 


Courtney was shocked by her mom and dad's utterances and could not understand why they reasoned in such a way. Now, she is confused about what to do and how to remedy the situation. 

What is your advice for Courtney? Are her parents right to feel betrayed, or should they allow Timothy to do as he pleases on his wedding day? What would you do if you were in Courtney's shoes?

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