Story of the Day: Woman Asks Sister to Leave after She Tried to Kick Her Out of Her Own House

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 12, 2021
05:45 A.M.
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This story of the day is about how a woman and her sister became at odds after she inconsiderately tried to kick her sister out of her own house to celebrate Christmas alone with her husband.


Andrea, a 26-year-old woman, had a serious fight with her older sister, Emily, after she tried to put her out of her own house. The siblings were never really close even while growing up, but they still saw each other as a family regardless. 

Emily had moved in with her husband, Roger, years earlier, and lived pretty much on their own until one day, things changed. The 26-year-old got a call from her sister, who had a strange request.

Worried woman talking to her husband. | Photo: Shutterstock


Emily told her that she and her husband were having their house renovated. They needed a place to stay while the renovations went on. The request was even more shocking because the sisters had not spoken in so long. 

Still, Andrea agreed and welcomed them to her home. Only a week after they moved in, trouble seeped into the seemingly lofty arrangements that they made.

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Emily came again with another request. This time, it was not one that her sister could swallow and let slide. She asked if she and her husband, Roger, could have the place to themselves for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

That would have simply been romantic if not for the small little detail of where Andrea would stay. When she asked if Emily had even thought about that, her older sister simply gave a nonchalant "I don't know," before suggesting that she goes to a motel.

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Clearly annoyed by the rude and inconsiderate gesture, Andrea refused to leave her own home to sleep at a motel. This didn't sit well with Emily, and it soon erupted into a huge argument.

The rest of the family was soon involved, and everyone else was angry at Andrea, tagging her as unwilling to sacrifice a couple of days to make her sister happy. They eventually cut ties over the fight.

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Fast forward to after Christmas, Emily called Andrea to apologize. She admitted that she was going through a lot and later revealed that she and Roger were getting a divorce; this, in turn, meant she needed a place to stay again.

In light of the apology and the reconciliation, Andrea thought it alright to take her sister in. That, however, quickly turned into another nightmare. Emily became very messy and nearly turned the whole house into an unlivable space.

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There were stains, dirt, and filthy clothes, and dishes everywhere. Whenever Andrea asked her to do better with keeping the house clean, Emily would break down and bring up the divorce and how it was taking its toll on her.

After months of putting up with her sister's unbearable practices, Andrea eventually concluded that she could no longer deal with it. She asked Emily to move into their parents' house, leading to more discord. 

Sad woman with her husband. | Photo: Shutterstock

Upon relocating to their parents' home, Emily called to apologize. They agreed to remain civil, and although the friction between them was still there, they finally managed to clear things up all the same.

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