Daily Joke: Three Guys Are Hiking through the Woods When They Find a Magic Lamp

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 12, 2021
06:20 P.M.
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Today's joke tells of three men who went hiking and had an incredible adventure that changed their lives forever. The trio had an encounter with a magic lamp.


Three hikers had it different during one of their trips as they found a magic lamp. After rubbing it, a genie jumped out, thanking them for the release and asking them to make three wishes each. 

The first man quipped, thought fast, and requested to own a billion dollars, and he received a bank notice that he was a billion dollars richer.

Three male friends on the beach smiling. | Photo: Getty Images


The second guy took it a niche higher, asking to become the wealthiest man alive and poof! went his wish, with a net worth of over 100 billion dollars.

The third guy made his first wish, asking to rotate his left hand in a clockwise manner, which was granted. Then came time for their second round of wishes. 

The billionaire wished to marry the most beautiful woman alive, and a gorgeous belle soon appeared in his arms. The richest man wished for good looks and charisma, and his body changed so much that the first man's wife was immediately drawn to him. 


The last guy requested to be able to rotate his right hand anti-clockwise, and so was it. For their third wishes, the genie asked them to think carefully before using it.

After being thoughtful, the billionaire asked to be in good health until the day he dies, and immediately, he stopped feeling pain in his knees, and his acne was gone. The second guy wished to be forever young, and this was granted. 


The last guy completed his wishes asking to be able to nod back and forth, and this was done without much ado. The genie wished them good luck and disappeared into the air. 

Many years later, the hikers met again and gave reviews on how they were faring. The first two guys spoke of multiple riches and good news. The last guy walked in with his hands and head in motion as he said:

"Guys, I think I [expletive] up."


Another genie story was about a woman whose husband was a cheat. After she rubbed the lamp, the genie came out, letting her know she could have three wishes, but whatever she asked for would be given to her spouse, ten times more.

Her first wish was to become beautiful, and her second wish, to be the richest woman alive. The genie was surprised, letting her know that her husband would have all these ten times more and cheat. 

She, however, noted that she did not mind. After thinking long and hard, she made her third wish, requesting to suffer a mild heart attack.


Once, the wish-granting spree extended to two statues who have faced each other for decades in the park. The male and female pair were visited by an angel.

The angel commended them for being an exemplary duo while granting them the gift of life for half an hour. The statues came to life and ran into the nearby bush. Soon leaves were rustling and twigs were snapping. 


After 15 minutes, the pair came out giggling, and the smiling angel told them they still had 15 minutes. The statues were excited and the female was asked if she wanted to do it again. She quipped:

"Okay, But this time you hold down the pigeon, and I'll poo on its head!"

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