March 12, 2021

Naomi Osaka's 24-Year-Old Sister Mari Reveals She Has Retired from Tennis — Here's Why

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Many know of tennis star Naomi Osaka but her sister Mari Osaka is another talented tennis player, who recently announced that she is quitting the sport on a professional level simply because she isn't enjoying it.

Mari Osaka, sister to world-famous tennis player Naomi Osaka, recently made a big announcement. In an Instagram picture, she took to the caption explaining why she no longer wants to take part in the sport on a professional level.

It would be a shock to many to learn that Mari, older sister of the champion tennis player used to beat Naomi when they were younger. Of course, things have changed now and Mari seems to have grown tired of playing the game. 


Naomi Osaka celebrating her victory in the singles second round match against Dominika Cibulkova on September 19, 2018 in Tokyo. | Photo: Getty Images


Taking to Instagram, Mari explained in detail why she was retiring from tennis. She said that she was deeply appreciative of all the support and that she will reminisce about her time spent as a professional player but expressed that:


"It was a journey which I didn’t enjoy ultimately."

She continued, explaining that she is looking forward to the future and stepping into a new period of her life. The now-retired tennis player expressed excitement while telling followers that they must watch the space for future endeavors.



The picture she included in the Instagram post where she wrote the announcement was incredibly nostalgic. The blue-filled picture included a gorgeous shot of the sea with the sky and clouds hanging overhead in the distance.

Naomi wore masks with Black murder victims' names printed on them.

In general, fans and followers seemed sad yet supportive of her decision, with many of them claiming that they are proud of her for taking such a huge step towards what she truly wants. The post received just over 6000 likes.



Many would be surprised to hear that Mari's younger sister and world-renowned tennis player Naomi used to lose to her in tennis matches. Speaking about this history with her older sibling, the famous sportswoman said

 "In the win-loss record, she's up by like a million or something."

She light-heartedly continued, claiming that this occurred up until she turned 15 years old. The tennis player said she is not sure what happened after that, expressing that, "maybe finally something clicked in my head."



On top of both of these powerful women's gifted skills in tennis, fans have claimed that both of them are alike in other ways. Followers of the sisters said that they not only look alike but that their voices sound similar. 

These comments about their similarities particularly occurred when Naomi posted a video on Instagram of her and her sister. In the clip, both of them were talking while Mari was busy with her beauty routine. 


Mari's sister is not only a wonderful sibling and tennis player but she is also not afraid to voice her opinions on social issues. During the 2020 US Open, Naomi wore masks with Black murder victims' names printed on them.

Naomi expressed that she feels like she is someone who can be used as a type of vessel to increase the general consciousness surrounding important issues. Names on the masks included the likes of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. 

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