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Kirk Franklin's Estranged Son Kerrion Claims He Suffered Abuse & Battery from the Gospel Singer

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Mar 16, 2021
12:30 P.M.

The bitterness between gospel singer Kirk Franklin and his estranged son, Kerrion has yet to end. After a leaked audio clip, Kerrion claimed his father abused him multiple times.


As a legendary singer, Kirk Franklin maintains his success in the gospel music industry, but his relationship with his estranged eldest son, Kerrion, continues to deteriorate.

Their feud has yet to find an ending. Recently, Kerrion took to Instagram to share an audio clip of his conversation with the 16-time Grammy Award-winning musician.

Kirk Franklin performs on stage for The Long Live Love Tour at Au-Rene Theater in July 2019 in Miami, Florida. | Photo: Getty Images

Kirk Franklin performs on stage for The Long Live Love Tour at Au-Rene Theater in July 2019 in Miami, Florida. | Photo: Getty Images


In the audio clip, which Kerrion posted on his Instagram, he and Kirk had an emotional argument. Kerrion opened up about his father quitting therapy and accused him of battery.

On the other line, Kirk made contradictory statements to Kerrion, saying that it was him who wanted therapy. Kerrion can be heard saying in the audio:


"This is ungodly."



Besides their heated discussion in the audio clip, Kerrion expressed in a lengthy message that he suffered abuse at the hands of his father on multiple occasions.

Kerrion emphasized that his main reason for posting the recorded clip was not to ruin his father's entire career. It was "a call" for Kirk to treat him better.

The 51-year-old gospel star was also reported to have uttered profanity towards his son. Kirk used a vulgar word that is offensive towards the African-American community.



After the audio clip made rounds on the internet, Kirk also released a public apology video on Twitter. He apologized for his behavior and for losing his temper.

Kerrion's hatred of his father seemed to be reminiscent of Kirk's childhood.

Along with his apology, Kirk clarified he tried to help by calling a family therapist. Kerrion earlier claimed that he was the only one who wanted to go for counseling.


Despite his ongoing rift with his eldest son, Kirk concluded in his video that he is not a perfect human. He then asked his fans to keep him and his family in their prayers.

Kerrion's hatred of his father seemed to be reminiscent of Kirk's childhood. Kirk used to hate his father all his life because he gave him up for adoption.

Kirk's longtime hate for his father fizzled out after he discovered he passed away in 2018. Despite the hostility, the acclaimed gospel musician had forgiven him.

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