Kirk Franklin's Daughter Kennedy Defends Him After Brother Kerrion Releases Audio of Argument

Stephen Thompson
Mar 16, 2021
12:50 A.M.
Kirk Franklin's daughter Kennedy has risen to her father's defense after his estranged son shared the audio recording of a recent argument they had.

Kirk Franklin's daughter took his side on an Instagram live session she made shortly after her half-brother shared the audio file of an argument he had with his father.

In the recording, a clearly angry Kirk could be heard using expletives as he warned his first child Kerrion about what he would do should he disrespect him "again."

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin performs on stage for The Long Live Love Tour at Au-Rene Theater in July 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin performs on stage for The Long Live Love Tour at Au-Rene Theater in July 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Kerrion shared the post via his Instagram page, stating that he was done. The 33-year-old believes no father should speak to his child the way his dad had been doing.

Kerrion, who works as a producer/singer/cinematographer, added that any blame for issues he may have rests on his father, who has always treated him hatefully.


He mentioned some of what he thinks is negative treatment from Kirk and urged people to quit telling him to head home to his family because he had no idea where they lived.


She stated her readiness to go to war on her father's behalf and justified him using expletives.


Kerrion also mentioned how unsafe he feels around Kirk, revealing that he had no desire to share the audio, which did not cover their entire conversation; apparently, the rest is "too embarrassing."

As the write-up tapered to an end, Kerrion prayed his father could overcome his hatred for him. He did not give the exact date the discussion happened; however, he emphasized that it was recent and not from 2018.


Kerrion hopes to learn from the experience and has vowed to live a life of peace while he makes beautiful art. After the post went viral on the internet, Kirk issued an apology. He said,

"For many years we have had a toxic relationship with him as a family. We've tried for many years through counseling, through therapy..."


He went on to talk about their argument, claiming he had felt extremely disrespected, which led to him losing his temper. He admitted to using expletives in the conversation and he apologized for it.

Kirk also revealed that Kerrion deliberately left out the part where he got the family therapist on the phone to try to help the situation. He ended the public apology by confessing to being a human liable to make mistakes.


Nobody knows this better than his daughter Kennedy, who rose to his defense after the audio circulated. She stated her readiness to go to war on her father's behalf and justified him using expletives, implying that Kerrion deserved it.

The two also had a virtual showdown on Instagram after Kerrion begged the public to not bash his dad— apparently, he has forgiven him and is willing to move on just living apart from him.

He shared this via Instagram and then got into a verbal tussle with his half-sister, Kennedy, who refuted many things he said, blaming him for how terrible things were between them.

It is a dilemma trying to decide who is right and who is not; fans hope both parties can move past whatever is weighing them down so they can be a big happy family again.

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