March 17, 2021

Keyshia Cole's Son Tobias Rocks a Disney Hoodie in Photos — Does He Have Big Eyes like His Mom?

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Keyshia Cole's youngest son shows his likeness to his mom as he adorably struts down the road wearing a Disney hoodie in new pictures. See how their eyes look alike.

Singer and reality TV star Keyshia Cole has a cute little man for a son. Although she is not a first-time mom, as she already has an older son, she often goes out of her way to showcase details of her motherhood experiences.

These experiences are captured in lovable bonding moments between the singer and her kids, leaving fans to admire the charming young men.

Keyshia Cole at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Recently, she posted images of her younger son Tobias, whom she shares with a former younger boyfriend, Niko Khale—a singer. The photos showed their mini-me dressed up in a cool-looking Disney-themed grey hoodie that rested on dark joggers.

His colorful kicks were eye-catching, but other enthusiastic features in the photo were his clear baby skin, neatly matted hair, and beautiful, bold, bright eyes that looked exactly like his mom's. An accompanying caption read:

"Disneyland!!! when I'm able to visit, it's going DOWN!!!"


With such a comment, it was no doubt that Cole was in awe of the young man whose poses were captured while he gracefully walked down the road.

In one of the photos, he holds a green fruit with bite marks while maintaining a squatting position. His poise and glow were evident in the way he gazed at the camera.


Fans jumped into the comment section to show their love for Tobias and compliment his sweet looks, admirable poses, and most of all, his seemingly charming show-off in his walk.

She also recently finalized her divorce with her former husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, the father of her first son.


Cole and Khale's mini-me may be growing fast as a fine little man, still, fans would recall that the pair were overwhelmed with joy when they first introduced him to the world in 2019.

A news outlet congratulated them and reposted a sweet photo that showed the newborn being held by his big brother Daniel Gibson Jr. with the inscription "Big brother vibes," on it.


A year after their son's birth, the parents were still excited to have him and they celebrated his first birthday in a mini luxury "Toy Story"-themed birthday bash.

The mother-of-two splashed a sea of photos via her Instagram feed to flaunt how enjoyable the day was. Khale equally shared hearty photos of the celebrant's fun day online.

A few months after the big celebration, news of Cole and her lover's separation rocked the media. Fans did not expect this as the twosome's relationship which began in 2017 seemed like a perfect love story.


This is not the first time Cole would be ending a relationship with the father of her child. She also recently finalized her divorce with her former husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, the father of her first son.

It appears that the mother-of-two is doing great concerning herself and her kids. At the moment, there is no known man in her life, but her son's charm seems to be captivating her.