Story of the Day: Woman Changes the Locks on Her Door to Keep Her Boyfriend Out

Gaone Pule
Mar 21, 2021
04:00 P.M.

Robin and Evan are college sweethearts and have been dating for four years. The pair are still finding their feet in the corporate world as they started their careers not long ago.


Robin, 25, is a junior architect, and Evan, 26, is a numbers guy and is an accountant. The pair took their relationship to the next level by exchanging keys to their apartments.

However, it ended up in a disaster. Robin thought it was a good idea to exchange keys to their apartments as a courtesy because of their relationship, but Evan has taken advantage of that.

Messy apartment room | Source: Pixabay

Messy apartment room | Source: Pixabay

Evan tends to go to his girlfriend's place and leaves it in chaos. Not only that, but he also manages to shift things around just so that she cannot find her belongings.

Although he wants to make himself comfortable, this does not sit well with Robin. She has tried to talk to him about the situation, but he seemed oblivious.

A couple giving one another a cold shoulder | Source: Pixabay

A couple giving one another a cold shoulder | Source: Pixabay

The situation escalated to a heated argument one evening, which led to Evan storming out. Although she was upset about the circumstances, she also felt terrible about it.

For Robin, she did not feel bad to a point whereby she would continue to allow Evan to do as he pleased in her apartment. Robin is a neat freak and has OCD.

Woman showing feelings of frustration | Source: Pixabay

Woman showing feelings of frustration | Source: Pixabay


Stepping into her territory only to turn her place upside down made her develop anger issues because she has turned a blind eye for the last couple of months. But Evan left her no choice because he did not want to meet her halfway.

Therefore, she took it upon herself to change the locks of her apartment to keep him out. Since it was not such a big deal for him, he still believed she made a mole out of a mount hill.

Door lock with a key input | Source: Pixabay

Door lock with a key input | Source: Pixabay

The pair stopped communicating since the argument, and Robin found the opportunity to change the locks. She would rather have a sulking boyfriend than have her place look like a tornado hit it.

Her sanity comes first, and because Evan refused to understand where she was coming from, she could not allow him to do as he pleased anymore. Simply because she respects his space, but he did not reciprocate it.

Woman talking on a cellphone | Source: Pixabay

Woman talking on a cellphone | Source: Pixabay

Now that she managed to change the locks, she hopes he comes around and hopefully realizes that their fight would not cause a rift between them. Robin wanted her lover to respect her space just like she does with his.

And although he seems fine with an untidy environment and remained unbothered by it, he needs to acknowledge that not everyone will feel that way. Robin tried reaching out to him, but to no avail.

Robin's plight is similar to another story about a woman who changed the locks to her place because her ex-husband gave them to his mother without her knowledge.

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