March 18, 2021

Tichina Arnold's Look-Alike Daughter Alijah Looks Stunning with Glowing Skin & Purple Makeup

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Not only does Alijah take after her mother Tichina in their ability to be outspoken on social issues, but the young daughter also takes after her mom in many ways, such as looks, where the two almost seem like twins. 

Alijah Kai, daughter to the famed and talented actress, Tichina Arnold, looked exactly like her mom in a recent Instagram clip that she shared on her account. She showed off her glowing skin as well as her purple make-up.

Alijah zoomed in and out of the camera, giving viewers a closer look at her gorgeous skin and face. She gave the camera a serious yet sultry look, showing off her model-like skills on the social media platform.  


Tichina Arnold at the NAACP Image Awards on February 22, 2020 in Pasadena. | Photo: Getty Images


The teenager sported a bold look, unafraid to rock striking and bright purple eye shadow, which sparkled lightly and complimented her long lashes. She seemed to be celebrating her 17th birthday with a caption that read


"It’s my birthday woot woot big 17???all positive good things. I’m on da east coast⏰."

Comments came gushing into her clip, with many of them remarking on how gorgeous she looked but most wishing Alijah a very happy birthday. The clip was well-liked by the internet, grabbing a total of just under 10,000 likes. 



Alijah also had a few other clips included in the post, all the same in that she was still doing close-ups, wearing identical make-up. However, she changed it up a little by pulling different faces in each short capture. 

Speaking on the topic, she alluded to the low representation of authentic Black experiences in the media.

The teenager's unabashed gold nose ring stuck out, giving off another glowing effect and adding yet more radiance to her naturally beautiful skin. Her light lip gloss and sleek black hair tied up the bold yet glamorous look. 




Taking to Instagram again, Alijah was not afraid to post yet another bold picture. This time, she took the shot from the bottom as she sat down in a powerful manner looking down at the camera. She wrote a caption that read

"It’s a shame you hate on my chocolate?but I caught you double tappin tho??❤️?- @khloesarmiento."

Her caption appeared to be a comment on her skin color, alluding to the fact that black is beautiful. Once again, the comment section was ablaze - literally - with fire emojis practically taking over the entire comment section. 




Kai's courage to allude to race-based issues on her platform denotes a lot of strength that she could have inherited from her grandmother. Wishing her mother a happy birthday online, Arnold emphasized the woman's strength. 

In the Instagram post last year, Alijah's mother shared a sweet family photo for her mom who turned a whopping 91 years old. The whole family looked comfortable, all standing closely and snugly together. 


It seems that all the women in this family have a lot of strength and courage, including Arnold herself. Speaking about the series "The Neighborhood," which she co-stars in, Arnold wasn't afraid to address Black issues. 

She alluded to the low representation of authentic Black experiences in the media. The actress expressed joy over being able to play a part that truly represents what it's like to be Black in the USA, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity